Send a Birthday Card! (Free printable)

One of the easiest ways to make someone feel special is remembering their birthday! Whether you teach Primary or Relief Society, it can make such a big difference in the way your class connects and responds to you. Take a few minutes every month and write a personalized note to the all upcoming birthdays in your class. Then send them out a few days before their birthday so they know you remembered.


If you can, I recommend hand delivering them- it makes that much more of a difference. However, if you can't, don't feel guilty! Remembering them is what is important! Wondering what to include in the birthday note? Try one of these ideas

  • Thank them for something they specifically do in your class such as set up the chairs, give comments, smile back at you, etc. 
  • Tell them why you like them! Are they easy to talk to? Can you count on them being there every week? 
  • Don't really know them? That's okay too. Include a note that you are thinking about them and hope to get to know them better soon. 

Remember, being specific is the key. Even if you only know they wear a blue dress each week, comment on that. The goal is to grow your relationship with these cards so it's okay if you don't know them well as long as you are willing to get to know them.

There are several different styles of cards- give one to a sister in Relief Society, a friend in Elders Quorum, or the students in your LDS Primary class.