What Men in Your LDS Ward Really Want for Father's Day

It's time to treat the Dads! Do you know what you will be giving the men in your LDS ward for Father's Day? Does your ward have a yearly tradition? Do you do it every year because it's tradition or because it's what the men really want? Find out the answer from the result of the poll I sent around to the men.


The Ideal

The overwhelming answer was food, preferably something homemade. There were so many different food items requested that not one item won out except the overwhelming category of food. Here are some the top choices though:

  • Beef jerky
  • Homemade bread
  • Brownies
  • Candy including chocolate
  • Big cinnamon rolls
  • Root beer or root beer floats
  • Homemade pies
  • Meat- tacos, steak, wings, etc.

The best way to consume the food? During the 3rd hour to enjoy all the treats. The significant difference between men getting together third hour and women? They don't want to do it to socialize- they just want a break. Instead of a lesson third hour, check into an appropriate church movie option and dim the lights. Let them snack and enjoy some down town.

The Next Best Thing

If you can't figure out a way to get all the men together 3rd hour, at least cancel all the other meetings for the day and handout a treat that the men can take home- not an ice cream sandwich that will melt before he has a chance to eat it but a candy bar or cinnamon roll. Cute tags are nice but not necessary.

Your Turn- Do you agree? What do you want for Father's Day?