2014 Young Women's Theme and Printable

2014 Young Women's Theme and Guidelines

I work with the Beehives in my ward which I love.  We have had study notebooks this past year and since there is still a good bit left in them, I thought I'd make them a page that they could glue in to mark the start of a new year.  Feel free to use it as well (just right click to copy or save image and adjust the size as needed in a Word document or something similar).  I'm also going to bring some washi tape so they can make a little tab and quickly turn to the right section of their notebook for class that day.  My Beehives love washi tape!

Last week, I did a lesson with Washi tape and I think I'll have to do it again.  I did the lesson on Spiritual Gifts and wanted to divide their page up into sections for activities that we would be doing.  I brought Washi tape and cut some paper bows so the page ended up looking like a present.  It worked really well and kept them from getting distracted too much with doodles that I think I'll do it a few more times this next year, just without the bow.