Young Women's Christmas Gifts

I love this year's Christmas gift that we are giving the Young Women. I'm extremely grateful that our YW President come up with the idea.  The Young Women loved them and it is something they can share with their friends.

Its a necklace with a picture of Mary praying with her son, Jesus.  Then on the back is a QR code.  When you scan it with a QR reader (I recommend Scan) it'll take you to one of the LDS Christmas videos.  We ended up using 4 different videos so they could have fun sharing with each other but also their friends.  When their friends ask them about their necklace, they can easily share the videos too!  I love it!  I chose videos that would be 5 minutes or less.  These are the ones I did:

1. Mary receiving her calling

2. Shepherds hear the announcement from an angel

3. Good Tidings of Great Joy

4. Mary, the Mother of Jesus

How to Make a QR Code

The QR codes are super simple to make.

1. Go to They make it really easy and give you a variety of codes to choose from so you can get just the one you need. 

2. Pick what kind of code you need (you can do everything from a wifi code to email to a webpage and more).  I just chose website.

3. Name your code so you can find it easily.  Copy the url (webpage) that you want it to go to and paste in the box that says website.

4. Download your file.  Super simple, right?

5. Open your codes in word, size them (I did a 1 inch square), and print out.  I then took my codes and copied then on to a single sticker sheet at the copy store for two reasons- first I didn't want the codes to smear so I needed a copy not my inkjet printed sheet and second, it was super easy to add the stickers to the back of the necklaces.  

The necklaces, however, were a little tricky for me as it's not something that I was used to but its really not that hard.  We bought the kits from Etsy and watched the user video that came with them.  Basically you print out your pictures (use a laser printer or copy them at a printer store so it won't smear the image when you put the glue on) then glue on the glass to the pictures.  Make sure to use a thick enough paper so the glue won't go through but not photo paper.  I used epoxy to glue everything together.  After the glass is set (about a day) then you cut out the pictures and adhere to the metal backing.  That takes another day to set. Next, I attached the QR codes which was super fast.  Finally I went over the codes with modge podge so they won't smear.  That's it.  It takes a couple of days with drying time but really it doesn't take much hands on labor time so it's nice.

Your Turn- What are some other great gift ideas for the Young Women?