Free Youth Come, Follow Me Lesson Tabs

So many changes in 2019! It’s exciting and sometimes overwhelming. One of the changes that came was there is no longer a set month for the lesson topics in Young Men’s and Young Women’s. Make it easier to keep track of the topics this year and take notes with these free youth Come, Follow Me Lesson tabs!


Giving the youth a notebook to take notes and glue in pictures, quotes, etc. during your lesson can really help keep their focus. Plus if you give them an invitation to act on, you can have them write it down in their notebooks to help them remember.

The tabs make it easy to flip from section to section since there is no set month for the topics. Flip back and forth with no problems. Plus you can add them to any type of notebook including one you are already using for church notes. The front half can be for notes during the Sunday School weeks and back half can be filled with these tabs for notes during the Young Men and Young Women’s weeks.

They are simple to add in too:

  1. After cutting out each tab, fold them in half so you can easily read the topic on both sides.

  2. Using a glue stick, adhere the tab to the page in your notebook, leaving the words sticking up on the side. Layer the tabs down the side of the notebook so it’s easy to see multiple titles at once.

  3. For extra durability, double secure your tabs with clear packing tape, covering the tab on both sides of the page (Printing on cardstock will help them be more durable as well).

Make church notebooks with tabs at youth activity night or share the post link with your class so they can make them at home.