Behold Your Little Ones: Mini lesson- Welcome to Nursery


Behold Your Little Ones: Mini lesson- Welcome to Nursery

Whether they are now old enough to come, visiting, or just moving in, every new child needs to feel welcomed.  Sometimes it is just introducing yourself that makes the difference. If you notice the child (or parent) struggle, ask the parents what his/her favorite thing or comfort object might be. Keep to a routine and everyone will have an easier time adjusting.

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My Behold Your Little Ones Welcome to Nursery Handout Packet includes

  • "We are so happy you came today!" coloring strip- Have the new child quickly scribble on this sheet then before he leaves, write a quick note on the back letting the parents know how they did. Punch a hole in the top and string a ribbon through so it becomes a tie or necklace and he doesn't leave it behind. 

Activity Ideas

Below are some links to Welcome Songs that you could sing. It would be fun to have a march or little dance to go with one of the songs you sing that day to welcome him or her in. Have the new person lead everyone around in a circle- you could even give them a small drum to bang. Then give the new child a sticker to make them feel welcome. One nursery teacher my child had would put star stickers on their shoes- it was the most exciting reward because it made their shoes neat (and they came off just fine).

"Our Door is Always Open"

"Hello Song"

"We Welcome You"

The most important thing is to explain everything you are doing. Take a minute to explain your schedule to the child and parent. Send home the class schedule and rules with the parents so they can help with the transition too (plus those that are potty training will know the best times to come in and remind their child to try). 

Latter-day Chatter has a great schedule printable plus a information sheet for the parents to fill out.