Behold Your Little Ones Home

Do you absolutely love the newest Nursery Manual, Behold Your Little Ones?  It is put together beautifully.  This manual makes great Family Home Evening lessons for little ones as well. The Introduction is a great place to start if you are new to nursery.  It has wonderful ideas and good suggestions for a schedule and routine for your class. 


The manual also says, 

"In addition to the activities in this manual, you can use games, pictures, songs, stories, and other activities from Church magazines."

That is what this blog is for! In each lesson help you will find:

  • Lesson with Teaching Thoughts- Find the link to your lesson plus a few teaching ideas from me to help you brainstorm what is right for your class. Teaching Thoughts are new this year and will be updated as we go along.
  • Teacher Study- Before each week, strengthen your testimony and understanding of the gospel principles. This is also new this year (2017) and will be updated as we go along.
  • Videos- Illustrated scripture stories or others available on to show in your class. You may or may not want to use these in your lesson depending on the energy and ages of your class.
  • Music- Put some music on as your class enters the room to create a reverent atmosphere or while they are coloring. Try singing a few songs together or do circle time.
  • Activity Ideas and Coloring Pages- These are from the Friend, New Era, or other resources. Some lessons will have a lot of activity ideas and others not so much unfortunately- I don't have control over that. I will try to provide more handouts or Teaching Thoughts when the pickings are slim though.
  • Handouts from Me- I always coordinate these with the ideas and activity suggestions in the manual, however, you will still need to get approval from your Primary Presidency to use them- send your President the link to my site and get approval for the year. 

There is a big difference between those just entering Nursery and those that are already 3 years old come the second week of January.  I have had children who turned 3 just as the new year started and some that turned three at the end of the year. With that experience in mind, I included activities that would benefit both age groups. You will have to decided what is best for your class and you may even want to print out different activities for different ages.

Additional Resources You May Find Helpful

Be sure to stop by the Teaching Tip section on the blog where you can find answers to commonly asked questions and additional resources for holiday lessons (lessons 29 and 30).

Go Beyond the Coloring Page

You have all said it- coloring pages get old after awhile even for the most avid colorer. Transform your coloring pages into some more with these ideas:

One of the best tools here, however, is you! Come join our Private Facebook Primary Teachers group and share your ideas, questions, and support.


One of the difficult things with the Behold Your Little Ones manual is that there is only 30 lessons for 50 weeks of teaching. You can finish and start all over again or divide a few of the lessons into two. As you get to know the children in your class, you will discover what they need most and how to best teach them. Follow the Spirit and it will be right.