A Christmas Devotional about Mary

This devotional focuses on Mary and what she had to do so that she was prepared and could answer the call with great faith when given.


This 4 minute video shows Mary receiving her calling from an angel.  It shows that Mary was already pondering things in her mind and heart. After asking your family what they like about the video clip, start with the picture of the man and woman getting married from these clipart pictures.  


Then discuss the following questions:

  • Is this a picture of something you hope to do one day?
  • Where will you get married?
  • To whom will you get married?
  • How can you know that now?  
  • What can you do to heads towards that goal now?

Then put the rest of the pictures down in the ring.

The choices we are making now are shaping our future.  We must do those things that we know are right every day like reading our scriptures, being honest, saying our prayers, and more.  What other daily choices are we making?  

Optional Activities

Next, give them this maze and have them think of something they need to make a choice on now.  It can be something really simple or something that will prepare them for the future.  Finally, give the older ones this weaving activity and the younger ones this coloring activity with a challenge to prepare ourselves now so that we may receive future blessings. As we prepare, when callings do come we will be willing and able to accept them just like Mary. This coloring page has a scripture that mentions Mary specifically as well. 

As they do their craft, play the song, "Mary Lullaby."