Joseph, the Husband of Mary- A Christmas Devotional

After Mary, let's talk about Joseph.  There isn't much in the scriptures about him but there is still things to learn from him.  And as you may have guessed, we are starting with a movie.  


This one is of Joseph and Mary traveling to Bethlehem.  It's about 2 minutes long and simply shows the journey.

Remember how we talked about preparation with Mary?  Joseph was prepared too.  Mary and Joseph were good people, obedient to the Lord.  However, that does not mean their life was easy.  They had problems and trials to overcome just like you and I.  

Read and Discuss

What did you see in this video? Mary was about to have the son of God, yet they had to travel a long distance to Bethlehem. Once there, they couldn't find a room in the inn (being a Mom makes me appreciate this story sooo much more). Where did they end up? In a manger. Were Joseph and Mary doing anything bad? Were they choosing the right? Joseph and Mary still faced challenges. Life wasn't easy just because they were about to have the Son of God. However, they had great faith in the Lord. When Joseph was visited by an angel and told why he should still wed Mary, he did not hesitate. When they needed to go to Bethlehem, they heeded even though Mary was soon to deliver. They trusted the Lord would take care of them. As Joseph sought for a room at the inns, he trusted that the Lord would provide despite being turned away time and time again. And the Lord did provide, just not in the way one might expect. They found shelter in a manger. As the shepherds came to see the baby Jesus, they felt God's love and perhaps understood more of His plan.  

Joseph cared for Mary and brought up Jesus like a loving father would. Soon after Jesus's birth, Joseph was warned to flee with his family to Egypt. He quickly and faithfully obeyed. After Herod's death, an angel told him to return to Israel.  Again, he obeyed with faith.

Joseph teaches us to stand strong admist hardships and to faithfully obey even when its not convenient.  He shows us how to continue in faith when things don't seem to go as we may expect.  He shows us how to be quickly obedient.   

Optional Activity

Joseph was a carpenter by trade and he framed his life in faith- his actions of faith.  What will you frame your life with?

This is where you can hand your children this picture and ask them to frame it with strips of construction paper that will act like wooden frame pieces. Write faith on each "board" and other faith scriptures. As you do so sing or listen to the song, "When Joseph Went to Bethlehem."  Or use a picture of themselves and frame it with scriptures of faith and pictures of those with great faith like those found here.