The Christmas Star

The Star. I love the Star. It is a symbol of light, hope, and so much more. 


This time use a short clip from this video. Start at about 1:02 and go to 1:51.


What was the role of the star? The Shepherds and the Wise men followed the star to Jesus. What do we use today to represent the star in our Christmas celebrations? Christmas lights and the star on top of the tree. When you see Christmas lights how does it make you feel?  Do you want to get closer? 

Did you know that you can be like the star?  How do you think we can we be like the star?  


Pull out a jar filled with stars and a glow stick already lit up. Take turns pulling stars out and answering the questions. The stars come from here. If you plan on using them every year, use sturdy paper to print them out. Or you can make your own stars using the suggestions here and use it as a service jar. 

Challenge your family to be a bright shining star so others may easily be lead to Jesus and feel His love for them.

And when you feel your light is getting dimmer, pull a star from the jar to learn how to make it shine brightly again.

Optional Activities

Close by singing the Primary Song, "I Am Like a Star." Then hop in car and go see Christmas lights!  If its not a good day to see the lights, there are some fun star activities that you can do here. Or try this Service Seek and Feed Activity.