Book of Mormon Reading Chart and Gift Idea!

Studying the New Testament with family this year has been amazing, hasn’t it? It’s even more exciting to think the new year is right around the corner and that means studying the Book of Mormon in 2020 with the Come Follow Me curriculum. Dive in with these fun and helpful Book of Mormon printables designed by BitsyCreations.


First things first! Get organized for next year with this beautiful and unique Book of Mormon reading chart! BitsyCreations designed these so there are no dates, allowing you to go at your own pace. Plus that means you can use these reading charts any time you want including in the middle of year and for Come Follow Me in 2020.

This Book of Mormon reading chart is available in black and white or color and in two different sizes! Use the black and white to color in each chapter as you read it. Use the color version if you are looking for something more cheery and fun all year. Instead of coloring each leaf in, cross out or check off each chapter as you read it.

The small size is 8 x 10 inches and is great for scripture study journals or study centers if you have a specific place you hang all your Come Follow Me information.

The large size is 24 x 36 inches. You can have it printed at Staples or FedEx Office for around $5. Choose the architectural/engineering print option. It is beautiful and perfect for little hands to color in! You can get the whole family excited about the progress you’re making as you read. And it looks great hanging in a frame on the wall.

Ways to Use the Book of Mormon Reading Chart

  • Print the 8 x 10 size and glue it into your scripture study journal. Color in the leaves as you read. When there is a specific chapter that really touched you, use a different color to remind yourself of those moments. Remember, leaves come in more colors than green!

  • Print the 8 x 10 size and hang it on your fridge. This is a great reminder to study the scriptures everyday.

  • Print the large 24 x 36 size and hang it on your wall. Skip the glass in your frame so you can color in the chart throughout the year. Or keep the glass and use a white board marker to color it and use it over and over again.

  • Glue it into the front cover of your little one’s Book of Mormon Illustrated Stories. Let them put stickers over each leaf as they go through their stories. You can even get popcorn stickers (then sing the song, “Popcorn Popping“ when you finish reading).

Share the Book of Mormon Reading Chart!

  • Hand it out to your church class. This chart is great for children, youth, and adults.

  • Give one to the families you minister to. It’s a great way to encourage them and you can check up on each other.

  • Make it a Christmas gift! Give the reading chart along with a DIY ice cream sundae basket. Gather together your favorite toppings and put them in a box or basket. Roll up a reading chart and use the included adorable punny gift tag that says, “You’d better be-leaf your Sundaes will be great!”

More Greatness from BitsyCreations

Special thanks to BitsyCreations for designing these printables! Be sure to check out some of her other fun designs such as free printable General Conference Quotes. These definitely come in handy! Hang them in your home and remember the words of the prophets throughout the year. Or grab some Christmas decor with her free I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day print.