Come Follow Me New Testament Textables for the Holiday Months

Now that the holidays are coming fast and furious, keep your family in the loop and on track with your Come Follow Me lessons by using these New Testament Textables. To make your life easier, Colette from My Computer is My Canvas designed all of the next three month’s of textables in one convenient download. Woohoo!


To make life easier these next three crazy whirlwind months of the year, we’ve condensed the textables. You’ll now find one textable for each week. It’s a combination of the reading assignment, a question to ponder, and a scripture to read. This way you can still text your family and church class but you don’t have to be overwhelmed with so much every single week.

Use these New Testament Textables throughout October, November, and December to:

  • Remind your family what you are studying this week.

  • Send to your church class to come prepared having pondered the question

  • Ask your grandma to share her thoughts on the scripture reference included with your children over Face Time.

  • To share a quick thought or short testimony with your children.

  • Drop off a fun treat to your ministering families (these tags from My Computer is My Canvas are perfect!) then follow it up with one of these textables.

  • Email your children the textable with clues to where they can find one of these fun Come Follow Me activity pages that go with each week’s lesson.

Seriously, these texts come in so handy! And they are great way to stop guilting yourself and just go and do already.

Download all three months of textables, stash them in a folder on your phone, then set yourself weekly reminders to send them out to your family. You’ve totally got this.

PLEASE NOTE: You can share these images one at a time with your friends and family. You can print them and hang them up in your church classroom. However, you can NOT share the entire file. Please share the post link instead. This allows us to keep these items free. You cannot alter these images in any way or use them for commercial purposes. By downloading the textables, you agree to these terms.

Never downloaded our Come Follow Me New Testament Textables before?

If you know how to use a zip file, it’s pretty easy. Download, unzip, extract, use. If you don’t know how, try these tips:


On Your Desktop

Techwalla has a great tutorial whether you use Windows or a Mac about how to unzip a file. You can then email the images to yourself to use on your mobile devices as well or add them to your Google Drive or other cloud network. REMEMBER: You need to use the files you extracted, not the ones still in the zip file.

On Your Mobile Device

You may need to download an app in order to unzip the file (or even download a zip file). WinZip is an app that works on both iPhones and Android. Once I had WinZip downloaded on my phone, all I had to do was click on the zip file to open it. Next click on the three dots or menu bar at the top to “Select All” then click on the menu bar again and click “Extract to.” You can then choose which file to move them to and add them to your email or text from there.

You can also upload the zip file to your Google Drive from your phone and it will unzip it for you when you go to open it (at least it does on Android phones). You may still need to extract them before using them though.

If you still have problems, try asking your family or neighbors (or go to the Church during a Youth activity) for help as all computers and phones are different; it’s hard for me to give you individual advise. REMEMBER to use your extracted files, not the ones still in the zip folder.