A Book of Mormon Timeline

Are you as excited as I am to study the Book of Mormon in 2020? It’s going to be a great year! Help your family visualize the events that took place all these years ago with a Book of Mormon Timeline! The Etsy shop, Felix + Felicity, designed this great timeline for you to hang on your walls or glue in your journals.


The Book of Mormon Timeline is a great visual representation for children and families of the sequence of stories, events, and people in the Book of Mormon. It’s easy to assemble too! There are two options of sizes- one with the books printing as a full sheet of paper and the other as half sheets. Be sure to download the one you want (the button to download is at the bottom of this post).

Each "book" in the Timeline highlights a part of Book of Mormon history. It has a short summary of a Book of Mormon story, the year it happened, and a supporting scripture verse with fun, colorful pictures.

You’ll find the following stories highlighted in this Book of Mormon Timeline:

  • Lehi and his family leave Jerusalem

  • Vision of Tree of Life

  • Nephi builds a ship

  • Enos prays

  • King Benjamin's address

  • Abinadi and King Noah

  • Alma the Younger

  • Ammon

  • Alma and Amulek

  • Korihor

  • Moroni and the Title of Liberty

  • 2000 stripling warriors

  • Samuel the Lamanite

  • Signs of Christ's birth and death

  • Christ visits America

  • The Brother of Jared

  • Moroni buries the plates

How You Can Use The Book of Mormon Timeline

  • Decorate your Primary room! It’s a great visual for those bulletin boards and can be referred to throughout the year. Have the children add pictures or how they feel about that part of the Book of Mormon to your timeline as you study the different parts.

  • At home! When you get to the various landmark parts of the Book of Mormon in your scripture study, stop and take a moment to view it on the timeline. Review what you have studied so far and how it ties together.

  • Need a short and sweet lesson one night? Read what’s on one of the books in the timeline and discuss it or use my comic book templates to draw the story.

  • Glue it in your journals. As you read these parts of the Book of Mormon, record your testimony of what you’ve been reading so far and add your own drawings.

  • Add to it! Is there a story you love that isn’t included? Add your own “book” to the timeline.

How will you be using this timeline? Be sure to head over to Felix + Felicity and tell her thanks for this great free printable! The Felix + Felicity Etsy shop has fun Latter-day Saint game sheets to print as well as some Book of Mormon glue-ins for your scriptures.