Comic Book Templates to Encourage Scripture Study

Looking for a fun new way to encourage your children in scripture study at home? Need a quick and easy way to have your Church class share what they have learned at home that week? Comic book templates are a great way to get your family or class excited to study and discuss the stories in the scriptures! Easy layouts allow your children to be creative and share what they are learning.


You will find four basic templates in two styles- one plain and one with some comic book embellishments (thanks to PicMonkey). The first week you may want to use the embellished ones to get them excited to draw. The next week, they may want a simple one so they can add in all the fun themselves.

Fun ways to use these pages:

  • Hand them out before you start and encourage them to draw as you read a scripture story. It’s great for those that have a harder time paying attention.

  • Pass them out after you have finished the week’s readings. Ask your group to draw what they think are some of the key things you have studied throughout the week. This is a great way to review as well as to see what they are understanding.

  • Hand the pages out as your class comes into the room on Sunday. Ask them to quickly (use stick figures) draw the story you want to discuss that week. It’s an easy way to get them sharing what they have learned as well as see what gaps you need to fill in.

  • Have a different person draw the story every week and make a New Testament family comic book. Slip each sheet in a binder full of page protectors and leave it on the coffee table for people to read throughout the week.

  • Use the six-panel template to draw a scene from the scriptures on one side and a way to apply it to our lives on the other side.

  • Use the first two rows to draw a scripture story. Use the last row to write in the new things you learned from the story, your testimony, and any applications to your life.

Out of ink? You can buy a whole book full of comic book templates now. My son loves his. Plus you don't have to worry about losing any of the pages. And remember, you can find more ideas and handouts in every week's lesson helps on my blog.