The Best Book of Mormon Resources for Come Follow Me 2020

As we gear up for another year of Come Follow Me scripture study at home, it’s important to see if you have the tools you need. Discover Book of Mormon styles, journal ideas, and study guides to help you and your family along your journey with Come Follow Me in 2020.


Book of Mormon Styles

All you really need is a Book of Mormon and the Come Follow Me manual. However, there are so many Book of Mormon styles these days! If you want something in addition to the scriptures you already have or looking for a good fit for younger ones, take a look at these options. You can even print some at home!

Photo from Deseret Book

Book of Mormon Journal Editions are all the rage now and it’s no wonder with all the extra space in the margins for note taking and doodling. It’s perfect to use as we study with Come Follow Me. Some versions will have blank margins while others have lines so pay attention to which one you order. The Children’s Edition even includes stickers!

If you want a journal edition that you can really personalize, print your own journal edition pages and bind it at your local copy center. You can pick the cover, thickness of the paper, how it’s bound, etc. The Garden Tower has made printable versions for all the scriptures.

Try reading it like the pioneers did when the Book of Mormon was first published . It's different when you are reading it more like a book and less like a scripture verse to look up.

Of course, you can always go with the basic blue Book of Mormon edition . Remember, they have a hardcover and paperback version. You can still get a pocket-size edition to easily carry with you wherever you need as well.

Book of Mormon Stories is the illustrated summary version of the Book of Mormon. These are great for the really young. They have pictures to look at and you can easily read a few verses that correspsond to summary.

If you have a baby, try My First Book of Mormon Stories board book . It'll be durable and give them a glimpse as to what is to come.

And remember, there is always the Gospel Library app. You can add endless notes to that version and you don’t need any fancy pens. Plus, you can use the audio version- male or female voice.

Book of Mormon Study Guides

If you want more insights than you are getting from simply reading the Book of Mormon, try out some of these study guides. They help you make new connections, dig a little deeper, and even give you some great modern application.

Photo from The Red Headed Hostess

The Book of Mormon Study Guide from The Red Headed Hostess is a great addition to your studies. It includes study pages, activities, illustrations, etc. to help you dive further into the Book of Mormon. I bought the spiral bound copy myself and soon after wished I bought the download version so I could print more copies! My kids wanted their own version too. I love that several different ages can use it and all get something out of it. These comes in two volumes- the first ones takes you from 1 Nephi through Mosiah. The next volume goes from Alma through Moroni. Be sure to get both! You can print out a few pages at time for your family to use each week with the Come Follow Me lessons. You can scroll down her page and take a 32 page sneak peak at the study guide too. The great thing about it is it's a study guide and a journal.

If you struggle through 2nd Nephi (the Isaiah chapters), The Book of Mormon Made Easier by David J. Ridges is for you. There are three volumes to this set. These include in-the-verse notes and additional commentary and insights. Plus the boxed set includes a chronological chart to help.

The Book of Mormon for Young Readers is a popular study guide for families (pictured above). It's the Book of Mormon with additional notes, study stops, maps, timelines, challenges, etc. The colorful images help too. You can buy the normal hardcover or head over to The Red Headed Hostess and get a spiral bound version instead.

If you want something that will help you apply the Book of Mormon to your family's life, The User-Friendly Book of Mormon: A Modern Approach to Ancient Scripture has top reviews. With modern examples, it helps your family discuss these teachings in a new light.

Have you been watching the podcast Don't Miss This with Emily Belle Freeman and David Butler? They have a Don't Miss This in the Book of Mormon ! It explores one verse from each chapter that you may have overlooked before. Perfect for a quick devotional and encouragement to find your "don't miss this" verses. (Psstt... find more great podcasts to listen to)

If you are looking for a fun way to reinforce the scriptures you have already read, try the Illustrated Book of Mormon Stories retold by Karmel H. Newell. They are perfect for bedtime stories- short summaries of the stories throughout the Book of Mormon plus little tidbits in the margins. Great for young ones.

There are obviously, way more resources out there. If you want more, I recommended using your Deseret Bookshelf PLUS membership and checking some out there especially if you don’t have a Latter-day Saint bookstore near you.

The Red Headed Hostess also has Family Packets on the Book of Mormon . There are additional study insights and teaching activities for all the chapters.


I always like to reference the seminary and institute manauls the Church has as well. There is one for students as well as a teacher. I find they are great for quick answers and modern apostle insights. You can access them on your Gospel Library app (Open the app>Seminaries and Institutes>pick Seminary OR Institute>Book of Mormon Student OR Teacher Manual). You can also order them through distribution:

Remember to also make use of the new Book of Mormon videos The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has put out. They would make a great supplement to your readings and because it’s visual, might give you something else to think about.

Book of Mormon Study Journals

There are a bunch of different journal options you can use. I highlighted a few to give you some ideas of different choices beyond the typical blank page notebook.

My Book of Mormon Study Squares is a journal with some additional insights. There is a square for every chapter of the Book of Mormon for you to write down your thoughts. It also includes a reading chart, titles for every page in the Book of Mormon, and some illustrations to help you out.

Try the Study by Chapter Scripture Journal . It has two different styles of pages to help you study and organize your thoughts but also gives you lots of room to do it your way.

Order a traditional style journal but with your family’s photos on them. It’s a great way to keep track of whose is who and remember what you looked like at the time. I’ve order the traditional bound style as well as the spiral one from Shutterfly for my family. I personally prefer the spiral because it’s easier to write in but the traditional one has a ribbon bookmark and is sturdier.

Make your own journal. Grab one of the notebooks you buy at back to school time. Have a family night where you all decorate the covers. You can use stickers, washi tape, even glue on scrapbook paper, or cut out pictures from your old church magazines. You can also do this with a binder and loose leaf paper. Just remember to label it so you always know what it is (Psstt… scroll to bottom and use my Are You Seeing 20/20? poster as a cover for your journal).

Other Book of Mormon Activities

And, if you want to add a little more fun into your studies, consider these Book of Mormon activity ideas!

Help your family read the entire Book of Mormon with my Book of Mormon Reading Chart for the whole year. Print and glue inside a journal or send it to a copy center and print it large to hang on your wall. It looks great and you can gift one to your friends!

Have some fun with these Book of Mormon Activity Cards . They are dry erase so you can use them over and over again! 26 cards in all.

A Book of Mormon Thanksgiving is a great way to gear up your family to get excited to study the Book of Mormon next year. Make Nephi’s boat out of muffin wrappers and sails, “bury” the gold plates in the hill, make Book of Mormon candy treat bags, and more fun! It’s the perfect time of year to be thankful for the Book of Mormon.

There are a few Seek and Find books that are always fun too. "What's Hidden in the Golden Plates: 800 Things to Find" by Val Chadwick Bagley and "Seek and Find Book of Mormon Stories" by Jason Pruett.

Print my Book of Mormon Discussion Cards and use them throughout the year. Keep a set in the car and pull a question each time you get in. Some questions are pure fun while others are more serious. It’s a great way to have some discussion without the pressure of the “right” answer.

Hang up a Book of Mormon Timeline in your home, journal, or Primary room. It’s great to reference throughout your scripture study and is easy to assemble!

Make some Book of Mormon Swap Blocks for your Church bag! Print and attach some magnetic tape and place in a tin. Fun and super easy! She also has a free Book of Mormon Spot It game to print.


Remember, there is the Book of Mormon coloring book the Church put out a while ago too. You can get the hard copy or print the pages online.

Print out my Are you seeing in 20/20? poster! It’s a great reminder to read the Book of Mormon while inviting the Spirit. You can print it as a 8x10, 5x7, or smaller size to glue in notebooks. You can even make it your journal cover.


Experience the scriptures in a whole new way with your family or youth group! My Go and Do Family Date Night Kit will have you racing to three different locations to do nine different tasks. But wait! You must first solve the puzzles and clues to know where you are going and what you are doing! Bring it all back home and discuss your adventure with 1 Nephi chapters 3-4 while enjoying a sweet Book of Mormon treat.

I’ll be releasing more Book of Mormon activities and products in my Market soon so keep your eye out or subscribe to my Market newsletter and I’ll email you when they are released.