Fishers of Men Printable Game!

“Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men”" (Matthew 4:19). It doesn’t get more plain and simple than that. Use the inspiration found in the Come Follow Me manual paired with these visual graphics and activities designed by My Latter Day Family to help solidify the lessons you are learning at home. Remember, you can find additional weekly helps for Come Follow Me here too.

This fun Fishers of Men activity includes three different ideas for how to use the materials. They work well for Family Home Evenings, Primary Lessons, Singing Time and more. My Latter Day Family has even used the graphics for cupcake toppers, gift tags and treat accents. The possibilities are endless- Enjoy!

There are three great ways to use these adorable printables!

I Can Be a Fisherman

Discuss ways we can be “fishers of men.” Give each person one to two fish. On the back of the fish, write a way we can be missionaries now. Add paper clips on the fish and use a magnetic fishing pole to catch them. Read and discuss each idea as you catch them.

Fishers of Men

Cut out the fish and people graphics. You can also draw a picture of yourself to add to the pile too! Attach paperclips to each one and use the magnetic fishing pole to be “fishers of men.” Include some fish with the people. The object of the game is to only catch the people, not the fish!

Hide and Fish

Write missionary related questions on the back of each fish. Hide the fish around the room. Each person or team must answer the questions on the back of the fish they found. For each correct answer, they earn one person cut-out. The team with the most people cut-outs at the end, wins!

Use this game anytime you want to discuss missionary work with your family or church class! Be sure to check out My Latter Day Family on Etsy too. She has all kinds of Family Home Evening kits like one about strengthening family and another about letting your light shine.