June Come Follow Me Textables!

Can you believe we will have been doing 6 months of Come Follow Me by the time this month is over? It feels like we are still figuring things out! It’s going to be interesting to see how we do the Come Follow Me lessons over the summer. These Come Follow Me Textables will help though! Send them to help you remember, remind your spouse, and keep your whole family in the loop. Thanks again to Colette from My Computer Is My Canvas for designing these! Be sure to follow her on Instagram and tell her thanks!

How have you been using these textables? Here are some of the ways you all have told us:

  • Send them to your Sunday School class to remind them of the assignments- especially during the weeks you don’t meet together.

  • Text them to your college kids so you can still study together and share your thoughts.

  • Email them to your missionary each week as you learn together.

  • Text them to your teen as a gentle reminder to read and ponder.

  • Remind your spouse that it’s their turn for the lesson and which chapters you are studying and reading together that week.

Please note: The file you download will be a compressed file. This means you will have to unzip first or you will get an error message. You must extract your files before you can use them.


On Your Desktop

Techwalla has a great tutorial whether you use Windows or a Mac about how to unzip a file. You can then email the images to yourself to use on your mobile devices as well or add them to your Google Drive or other cloud network. REMEMBER: You need to use the files you extracted, not the ones still in the zip file.

On Your Mobile Device

You may need to download an app in order to unzip the file (or even download a zip file). WinZip is an app that works on both iPhones and Android. Once I had WinZip downloaded on my phone, all I had to do was click on the zip file to open it. Next click on the three dots or menu bar at the top to “Select All” then click on the menu bar again and click “Extract to.” You can then choose which file to move them to and add them to your email or text from there.

For those with iPhones, this is what worked for one reader: Download WinZip. Then hold your finger on the download link. Choose, “Open in Notes.” Go to Notes and it will prompt you to “Open with WinZip.” It will unzip and give you each textable. Hold your finger on each file one at a time. When it opens, push the “forward” icon at the top of the page and choose, “save image” from that screen. They will go into your photos folder and you can easily text those by attaching a photo to your text.

You can also upload the zip file to your Google Drive from your phone and it will unzip it for you when you go to open it (at least it does on Android phones). You may still need to extract them before using them though.

If you still have problems, try asking your family or neighbors for help as all computers and phones are different; it’s hard for me to give you individual advise. REMEMBER to use your extracted files, not the ones still in the zip folder.

PLEASE NOTE: You can share these images one at a time with your friends and family. You can print them and hang them up in your church classroom. However, you can not share the entire file. Please share the post link instead. This allows us to keep these items free. You can not alter these images in any way or use them for commercial purposes. By downloading the textables, you agree to these terms.

More Come Follow Me Resources

Remember, there are a lot more Come Follow Me resources on this blog and over at My Computer Is My Canvas who designs these textables.