May Scripture Reading Chart for Come Follow Me

Last night my daughter came downstairs after reading her scriptures and said, “Mom, where’s my May scripture reading chart?” Ha! I totally forgot to make one until then. So glad she is making good use of them! If you’re curious, some of my kids love doing the chart, some don’t even bother, and some try. Either way, it’s a monthly reminder to keep reading the scriptures and a reminder that it’s okay if we make mistakes, we can always try again.

My scripture reading charts have a number for each day of the month. Rather than focus on how much each person needs to read every day, these charts encourage the daily habit. Use these reading charts to:

  • Encourage family scripture study. Hang it on your wall and color it in every day you read as a family.

  • Keep track of your personal reading habit.

  • Inspire your church class to read along throughout the week.

  • Keep track of another habit you want to improve as you use the Come Follow Me manual

  • Color and review some of the lessons taught in May (there is a version without numbers)

Pick a goal before you start so you can cheer each other on as you read throughout the month. Sometimes it’s easy to get discouraged when you skip a day but if you have a 90% fill in goal, it’s easier to keep going when you make a mistake. In our family, we also reward with a bigger treat like a special trip to the ice cream store for those that accomplish the goal. It’s a great motivator to develop a great lifelong habit.

Looking for a more grown up version? See the weekly Come Follow Me reading chart on my general helps page.