New Testament Study Resources for Come, Follow Me 2019

Welcome to a brand new era! How will you be using the Come, Follow Me for Individuals and Families manual this year? I think we’re all asking that same question. It’s going to be some trial and error but what an exciting time! I’m working on home helps for every week. If you want to continue to get more ideas and see what’s working for other people, be sure you have joined my private Facebook group for the Come, Follow Me curriculum as well! It’s a diverse group of individuals and families.


Since this is such a new program, I’m kind of guessing at what might be the most helpful right now. As we go through the first few lessons, I’m sure we’ll figure it out a little bit better. For now, you will be able to find the following in the future home helps:

  • Additional study resources whether it’s a chapter in the seminary teacher manual or a book included in the Deseret Bookshelf PLUS subscription.

  • Music suggestions- Make a playlist, sing a few songs, learn a new one.

  • Videos- Use with your lesson or a review right before church.

  • Questions to Ponder- Put them in a jar and pick from it throughout the week, use them at dinner time, or as a writing prompt in your journal.

  • Teaching ideas such as object lesson, thoughts, resources from other bloggers, and my free printables.

  • Activity pages to help you continue the idea throughout the week if you have children at home. These are usually from old Friend magazines but some from other bloggers too.

This page includes more general helps and resources to get your family or group excited and ready to study the New Testament this year. You can also use a general activity page throughout the year as a review.


Whether you want to write in your own blank journal or get one with some structure, here are a few great choices!

Personalized Journal from Shutterfly- Looking for a blank journal with a personal touch? These are great! I ordered the blank template one where you just add pictures on it. On the front I put a picture of the individual and on the back, one of our whole family. On the side, I put their names and made each side color different so it would be easy to quickly grab our own. The journals come with lined pages and a ribbon to keep your place. I have also used their spiral ones in the past but some of the pages started to fall out by the end of the year so I went with this one instead this year.

The Red Headed Hostess has two different Journals to choose from that go right along with the New Testament Come, Follow Me manuals. One is a Lesson Journal for Youth and Children which includes two pages for each week’s lesson, lined pages, and tips, questions, activities, and interesting facts. She also has a New Testament Study and Activity Guide which includes Dates and Titles, Study Squares, Study Topics, Space to plan your Family Home Evenings or Scripture Studies, and Teaching Ideas. Both look great. You can take a peek inside each one when you scroll down on her site so you can see which one is best for you and your family.

Felix and Felicity Shop offers a printable journal pack that includes general pages for study, family council, and family home evening.

My Computer is My Canvas offers a female and male version with general journal pages, covers, and monthly divider tabs. The female version also includes pen inserts and a bottle cap image.

Simply Chic by MLS has some personal study journals geared towards young women and young men as well. I like that this one includes a place to mark that you read your scriptures and said your prayers each day.

Decorate your own journal instead! Grab some spiral notebooks and have a family night decorating the covers with stickers, pretty paper, your photos, cut-outs from magazines, etc.

Scripture Study Helps

For those times you need further understanding and inspiration. These are great resources plus history on how the New Testament came about.

New Testament Institute Manual

New Testament Seminary Teacher Manual

”The Genesis of the New Testament” by C. Kent Dunford (Ensign)

”The Setting of the New Testament” by Paul E. Dahl (Ensign)

“Word Studies from the New Testament” by John W. Welch (Ensign) Here’s another one

“The New Testament” by Elder Neal A. Maxwell

“The Historical Context of the New Testament” by Thomas A. Wayment (Ensign)

“Major Jewish Groups in the New Testament” by Victor L. Ludlow (Ensign)

“Unlocking the New Testament": A Side-by-Side Commentary” by Richard J. Allen

“Walking with the Women of the New Testament” by Heather Farrell

“The User-Friendly New Testament: Finding Ourselves in the Stories of Jesus” by Marilyn Green Faulkner


The following are titles you can find and read as a Deseret Bookshelf PLUS member, however, I linked to the physical book on Amazon in case you prefer the hard copy. Find out more about Deseret Bookshelf PLUS.

The New Testament for Latter-day Saint Families” by Thomas R. Valletta

“New Testament Who's Who” by Richard J. Allen

Teachings and Commentaries on the New Testament” by Ed J. Pinegar, Richard J. Allen

Making Sense of the New Testament: Timely Insights and Timeless Messages” by Richard Neitzel Holzapfel, Thomas A. Wayment

The New Testament Made Easier, Part 1: Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John” by David J. Ridges

The New Testament Made Easier, Part 2: Acts through Revelation” by David J. Ridges

My First New Testament Stories” by Jerry Harston, Deanna Draper Buck

Scripture Study for Latter-day Saint Families: The New Testament” by Dennis Leavitt, Richard O. Christensen

Videos and Other Media Resources

Bible Videos- I love these newer Bible videos. Watch one Sunday morning as a review before going to church, use it in your lessons, or email the link to a family member and discuss it together.

New Testament Illustrated Scripture Stories- You can watch these videos with your younger children as they follow along in the illustrated version of the New Testament.

Come, Follow Me: New Testament Learning and Teaching Resources- Videos for every week’s lesson. Bookmark it so it’s easy to use!

New Testament Videos- You can look up videos by the scripture they coincide with.

New Testament Gospel Art- Find more images you can use to go with each lesson.

New Testament Seminary Curriculum Images- Includes charts

Seminary Music: New Testament- Playlist!

New Testament Times at a Glance Chart 1

New Testament Times at a Glance Chart 2

New Testament Times at a Glance Chart 3

New Testament Chronology

“65 Truths in the New Testament” (New Era Chart)

Virtual New Testament- Experience the city virtually!

Free Printables

Use my tracking sheet to help encourage your family. Whether it’s to motivate every individual to prepare beforehand, read certain scriptures, or to show your progress as you go through the manual, this tracking sheet is there to help! There are 50 different areas to color in (no lessons General Conference weeks). Print one for each person in your family or use it together.

Want an easier way to keep track of what to read? Keep this reading assignment chart in your scriptures. Color in the line when you have finished your reading for easy tracking.

Looking to read the entire New Testament instead? Use one of my free New Testament scripture reading tracker charts. It comes in 12 months, 6 months, and 3 months.

There are so many fun ways to use my free New Testament cards. Use them as a part of a game or glue them into your journal as you study more about them. Game ideas included in the post! Print yours out now!

Textables come out monthly! Each week you will find three different ones you can send to your teen, your ward’s newsletter, in a private Instagram account that your family uses, to your youth Sunday School class, and so many other ideas! Colette from My Computer is My Canvas designed these to be beautiful and versatile!

Play New Testament Bingo as you review the lessons each week! Ask a question about the week’s lesson. Once it’s answered correctly, draw a calling card. If the question is answered incorrectly, no calling card is drawn OR everyone has to take one piece off their board. There are bunch of other ways you can put these Bingo boards to use including reward systems!

General Activity Pages

These are those activity pages that span more than just one lesson. Consider using them to get excited about the New Testament or as review throughout the year. There are lots of ways you can make these more fun too. For instance, instead of just matching, cut the answers apart and put them into Easter eggs then hunt them down before matching them. The following are links to resources.

A Journey to Learn about Jesus Christ- Match the card to the location on the map.

Scripture Cards- Instead of using their scriptures, use these cards to add scriptures you find throughout the year.

Many Mighty Miracles- Match the scripture story to the picture.

The New Testament- Break down the basic parts of the New Testament in this flipbook.

Paul’s Mission- A board game

New Testament People- Match the description to the person

Women of the New Testament- Crossword puzzle

New Testament Books- See if you can name them all

New Testament Matchup- Match the person, place, or thing to it’s description

New Testament 1-2-3- Fill in the blanks

New Testament Crossword- The answers are the names of the books in the New Testament

New Testament Personalities- Guess the person described. Here’s another one.

New Testament “Who Said It?”- Match the person to the words

New Testament Food- Match the clue to the food (then try a few!)

New Testament Occupations- Match the job to the person

Books of the New Testament- Word search

New Testament Animals- Crossword Puzzle

New Testament Books- Unscramble each book’s name

Women of the New Testament- Match the name to the description

New Testament Fun- Crossword puzzle

New Testament Story Markers- Bookmarks

New Testament ABC’s- Alphabet game

New Testament Scripture Pictures- Use the pictures to fill in the blanks