Your Come Follow Me Fall Bucket List

Fall is coming! Can you feel it in the air yet? I know y’all like fall. That’s why Chelsee Wozniak of Wozy Works created this amazing Come Follow Me Fall Bucket List to help you not only enjoy fall but celebrate your first year of using Come Follow Me. Start planning the best fall your family has ever had!


In addition to printing out a great Fall Family Bucket List (in two sizes) to add all your favorite things to do, there are ideas included for every week that go along with September’s Come Follow Me lessons PLUS other great ideas!

What’s your favorite fall activity?

Here are just a few of the ideas included:

  • Go apple picking

  • Having canning party

  • Babysit for a family so they can go to the temple

  • Build a fort and do your Come Follow Me lesson inside

  • Bake pumpkin treats

  • Plan or participate in a food drive

And if that’s not enough, there are two bonus printable sets included to help you do two of the most popular fall activities: pumpkin carving and booing your neighbor.

Print some Latter-day Saint themed pumpkin carving stencils or use them to make lanterns. They go great with the Come Follow Me lesson on September 2- 8 and you can discuss how hollowed out pumpkins are different from whole pumpkins as you talk about resurrected bodies. There are three sizes of each stencil so you can use the one that best fits your pumpkin size.

If you want to make a tin can lantern instead, fill it up with water and freeze. Then using the same stencils, punch holes in your can with a nail and hammer following the silhouettes. The bigger the nail, the more light you let through.

Do you like to leave anonymous treats for friends and neighbors? Use the Boo printables to help start a chain reaction of giving. You can totally tie it into September 16-22’s Come Follow Me lesson about how God loves a cheerful giver too.

Fall Fun + Come Follow Me = Best Fall Yet! We hope you have a great time planning out a family focused fall!

P.S. Yes, you can send the large bucket list to a printer. Upload the large file on a site like Staples. Search for their “engineering print” and upload the file as a 24x36 in color or black and white for about $8.

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