September Come Follow Me Textables

Welcome to September! That means we can break out all things fall, right? You’ll notice some fall colors in September’s Come Follow Me Textables. Scroll below to download this month’s pack. Note: September’s download includes the week of August 26 because the lesson ends on September 1 so the Church categorizes it under September.

These textables are designed by My Computer is My Canvas. Be sure to head to her site for more great designs!

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There are three types of textables for every week’s lesson: one with the lesson title, dates, and which scriptures we should be reading. Another has a question to ponder and a scripture to go with it. The last one is a scripture quote to share. Send them out and help those around you. And by send I mean text, email, post it on social media, etc.

Ways to use the weekly reading assignment textable

  • Send it out the night before or the morning of the first day the lesson starts to your family. This helps everyone know what specifically they need to read without you hounding them.

  • Text it each week to your seminary students. The way seminary is now set up, your seminary student will now read what is read at home. This helps them keep track as the lessons in seminary won’t always line up chapter by chapter with the lessons at home.

  • Email it out the night before church to your Sunday School class. It’s an easy way to remind your class to do their reading or review it and be prepared for church.

Ways to use the Question to Ponder Textable

  • Send it mid week to remind your class of what you are studying and what to ponder.

  • Text it to a child to ponder and ask them to share their thoughts at your next family’s lesson.

  • Post it on social media and get a mid week conversation going about the week’s lesson.

Ways to Use the Scripture Textable

  • Text it to those you minister to and share your thoughts with them about the week’s lesson.

  • Save it on your phone and work on memorizing it throughout the week.

  • Send it to someone in your class to read out loud during your lesson.

  • Share it with a friend or on social media with your brief testimony.

More Come Follow Me Helps

Grab some more great Come Follow Me printables for September now too! My Computer is My Canvas has all sorts of great helps.

And, of course, free helps on Chicken Scratch n Sniff every week.

PLEASE NOTE: You can share these images one at a time with your friends and family. You can print them and hang them up in your church classroom. However, you can not share the entire file. Please share the post link instead. This allows us to keep these items free. You can not alter these images in any way or use them for commercial purposes. By downloading the textables, you agree to these terms.


On Your Desktop

Techwalla has a great tutorial whether you use Windows or a Mac about how to unzip a file. You can then email the images to yourself to use on your mobile devices as well or add them to your Google Drive or other cloud network. REMEMBER: You need to use the files you extracted, not the ones still in the zip file.

On Your Mobile Device

You may need to download an app in order to unzip the file (or even download a zip file). WinZip is an app that works on both iPhones and Android. Once I had WinZip downloaded on my phone, all I had to do was click on the zip file to open it. Next click on the three dots or menu bar at the top to “Select All” then click on the menu bar again and click “Extract to.” You can then choose which file to move them to and add them to your email or text from there.

You can also upload the zip file to your Google Drive from your phone and it will unzip it for you when you go to open it (at least it does on Android phones). You may still need to extract them before using them though.

If you still have problems, try asking your family or neighbors (or go to the Church during a Youth activity) for help as all computers and phones are different; it’s hard for me to give you individual advise. REMEMBER to use your extracted files, not the ones still in the zip folder.