Your September New Testament Reading Chart

It’s September which means we have hit the last quarter of the year. As you begin school again and start to think about the holidays, keep your family on track with their daily scripture reading using my free September Scripture Reading Chart.


As a reminder, my scripture reading charts have a number for each day of the month. It does not go with the chapter or lesson number. Rather than focus on how much each person needs to read every day, these charts encourage the daily habit. Use these reading charts to:

  • Encourage family scripture study. Hang it on your wall and color it in every day you read as a family.

  • Keep track of your personal reading habit.

  • Inspire your church class to read along throughout the week.

  • Keep track of another habit you want to improve as you use the Come Follow Me manual.

  • Color and review some of the lessons taught in September (there is a version without numbers).

  • See if your family or class can figure out what each part of the scene has to do with the New Testament.

This month you’ll find references to the armor of God, a cheerful giver, the temple, fruits of the Spirit, false prophets, and more. If you have questions about anything, comment below and I’ll give you an answer. Remember to also print out your Come Follow Me Fall Bucket List! It’s contains fun printables and helps for your lessons.