1 Easy Way to Capture Your Next Family Vacation

Don't you love going on vacation with your family? New locations, new memories, and lots of fun. When you get home, you need a vacation from your vacation you've done so many things. So how do you keep track of it all? How do you keep those memories so you can enjoy the fun after you get home?


Head to a local gift shop while you are on your family vacation and grab some postcards. Tell everyone to pick out a postcard that they like but also keeps to the theme of the area so you have a guaranteed great photo of your vacation spot. Get one for everyday of your trip. After you've had some fun each day, pass out everyone's postcards and take 5 minutes to write on the back. It can be about anything from day. Each one is a personal journal. You may have to help out the littlest ones but even they have something to say. Remember to have everyone put their names and dates on the cards as well. 

Why Postcards Make Great Journals

  • There is information about the photo on the back so you don't have to worry about remembering how to spell your current location.
  • The perfect size- a postcard isn't too overwhelming to fill up. You can fit the key information but don't have to fill up a novel. If you like to write, bring along some extra large index cards to add additional memories on the go.
  • You can write on them while you are traveling to the next location. If you are going to be stuck in a car or on a plane, you might as well use your time well.
  • They are still cheap! While you can buy more expensive ones, it's not unusual to find some for a 25 cents still. You can even find some free ones at some visitor centers.
  • You can easily put them all together in a book! Get a photo album and insert the postcards. You can read the words on one side and see the photos on the other. 

Grab some mini clipboards so it is easy to write on them no matter where you are. It's a great way to let your family document their point of view and lets you take a moment to be grateful for the day you've had together. After you're done writing, collect them all so they don't get lost in the car! Then use some of these fun car activities to keep the trip going smoothly. 

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