10 Beautiful Christmas Music Videos to Brighten Your Day

Brighten your day with some beautiful Christmas music today then share it with a friend. In Mormon.org's challenge to worship through song it suggest listening to Christmas hymns for the entire day, sharing your favorite performance of a Christmas hymn on social media, or singing carols over the phone to family and friends.


Here's some of my favorite Christmas songs performed by LDS artists to get you thinking of how you can accept the challenge to worship through song. Share your favorite videos with us too in the comments below.

My Little Prayer by David Archuleta

On Facebook David Archuleta shared this about My Little Prayer:

Something I try to do to each day is begin by saying a prayer in the morning, and then end my day with a prayer at night. Sometimes, however, I fall asleep before I say my nightly prayer. One time almost a year ago I had one of these nights where I fell asleep before saying a prayer. Something unusual happened.
That night I had a dream. It was different than anything I had experiences before. In my dream I was praying-having a conversation with God. The conversation was also different. I was singing. I could hear simple chords in my dream that I was laying a simple melody and prayer on top of.
As I was having this conversation in music with God, He told me to get up and write this down. I thought and said, "...but... I'm sleeping. I'm not sure I know how to get up from a dream!" He told me "if you don't get up now, you'll forget it in the morning." I tried everything I could to wake up, and I did! There in the middle of the night I went straight to the piano with the words and melody I had spoken in my dream still clear in my head, and wrote it all down. It was the fastest I had ever written a song because I feel this one was given to me.
I've sung this song several times this year now and people kept asking where to find it so I felt it would be good to share it during this Holiday season. I hope you enjoy it and find encouragement to begin your own simple and sincere conversations in prayer!

The Wexford Carol by Mormon Tabernacle Choir

As you watch this new music video from the Mormon Tabernacle Choir be sure to watch for the three parables found in Luke 15- the lost sheep, the lost coin, and the lost or prodigal son. Keep listening to more MoTab music with their 24/7 Music Stream (it's even commercial-free) or stream their Ultimate Christmas Collection here.

O Come, O Come, Emmanuel by The Piano Guys

If you haven't listened to The Piano Guys A Family Christmas album yet, you are missing out. Plus check out their newest album, Uncharted which includes "(It's Gonna Be) Okay"- we may sing that song all the time in my house. 

Oh, Come, All Ye Faithful by BYU Vocal Point and BYU Noteworthy

If you like A Cappella then enjoy this number by BYU's two a cappella groups- Vocal Point and Noteworthy. You can download Noteworthy's new song, Gloria (Angels We Have Heard on High) here.

Joy to the World by James the Mormon and The National Parks

James the Mormon has the ability to make inspiring videos- check out some of his others as well. 

Angels We Have Heard on High with The Piano Guys, Peter Hollens, David Archuleta, and The Mormon Tabernacle Choir

This one is still one of my favorite Christmas videos. It was made 2 years ago. It's beautiful and the ending with all the lights goes well with this year's theme too.

Where Are You Christmas? by The Piano Gal

Read the touching story that is told through this song with The Piano Gal featuring Matt and Amber Plus 3. 

Hallelujah  by Lindsey Stirling

Another great video because of the story within it- watch it through the end and pay attention.

December Song by Peter Hollens

This is one of the eleven songs on the new Peter Hollens Family Christmas album. He wrote this one with his friend Anna Gilbert. 

Angels We Have Heard on High by Gardiner Sisters

Continue the Gardiner Sisters fun by watching their 12 Days of GS. You can find them on their YouTube channel including the great Cutting Out Holidays video by Studio C.

Your Turn- What music video would you recommend?