How to Create a Food Storage Plan Without the Panic Attack

It's time to create a food storage. You are ready this time. It's going to happen.... if you knew where to begin. You start searching online. This site tells you that you need x amount of food per person. The next site says you really need y amount because of this type of emergency situation. And so it begins. Your head starts spinning, your eyes blur, and nothing makes sense anymore.


There is so much information out there and it does NOT all agree. How in the world are you supposed to know what you actually need and where to really start? 

You ask someone who has already done it for real and knows why different sites say different things. Misty Marsh from Your Own Home Store is offering her expertise in a FREE webinar. She was in your shoes back in 2007. She knows the feeling of being completely overwhelmed and confused. But she didn't give up and now she offering you the chance to gain from her wisdom.

Join Misty and me on January 19 at 7 pm MST to learn how to quickly and accurately create a food storage plan that is right for YOUR family. Can't make it? Don't worry, as long as you register you can watch the replay later. However, if you really want all your questions answered, you will want to join live so you can ask Misty yourself. 

After the one hour webinar is over, you will:

  • Know how to plan a food storage that meets your specific family's needs
  • Have a printable summary sheet so you can review and remember what you learned
  • Have access to multiple food storage conversion charts
  • Obtain three different food storage calculators (a $30 value) so you can calculate your family's specific needs

Stop stressing and let Misty help you figure out what is the right thing for your family. She knows the different options and she knows how to help you figure it out. 

The free webinar is over but don't worry!  There are still excellent resources available to you.

Take your preparation a step further and prepare for emergency situations in your area. Get your food storage in order, help sorting through all the water storage myths, set up a plan for power outages, and much more. Misty Marsh has 12 great classes to help you prepare your family. She only opens her course one time a year and registration closes January 27th at 10 PM MST. PLUS if you sign up for her  classes through me, I'll send you a $15 credit to my Market. 

Class is closed to new enrollment at this time.

Not ready to dive that deep yet?

Start with these smaller steps:

  • Once you get your food storage built, learn how to use it and put it into regular rotation. Misty has a great cookbook filled with food storage recipes. 
  • Prepare a Grab and Go Binder- This binder will have all the important details that you will need when you need to evacuate your home. Prepare it now so when it's time, you can grab and go without worry.
  • Start with making a 72 hour kit. Every person in your family should have one. Worried about what and how much to put in each one? Misty has it all laid out for you so you don't have to stress or waste money.