12 Fun Family Games You Should Know About

The holidays are coming! Whether you're gathering family from all the corners of the earth , traveling somewhere yourself, or celebrating with your own immediate family, you'll want to include some of these great games! Take advantage of the time you have together during the holidays. Below you'll find lesser known games that will quickly become your new family favorite. Several of these games travel really well so if you have a road trip or long airplane flight ahead of you, be sure to put some in your suitcase! 


1. Dutch Blitz

 By far one of my favorites! Dutch Blitz is a fast paced card game all about speed and little strategy. It's easy to include big families when you add the expansion pack and play on teams. You'll love the high energy and interactiveness of this family game.

2. Set

In this family game of visual perception you have to find sets of 3 to earn points. You can easily adapt Set from playing with only 2 players to lots more. Plus it easy to pack in your carry on bag.


Ravenburger knows how to make quality, fun games. I played Labyrinth when I was young and still love it today. Labyrinth is a race for treasure as the maze moves each turn! Don't tell my kids, but this is what we'll be opening and playing on Christmas Eve.

4. Timeline: Diversity

How well do you know your history? In Timeline:Diversity the goal is to get rid of all your cards by placing them correctly on the timeline. 

5. Story Cubes

If you need a game to take with you on a trip, this is the perfect one! Story Cubes takes up minimal space and can be played multiple different ways. Start with a pack like this Voyages one then add on some fun expansions like this Enchanted set and let the storytelling begin.

6. Dance Charades

Enjoy this funny take on the the old classic charades. Try acting out your clues while dancing- yes while dancing! Can you see your aunt trying to stir the pot while getting you to guess a fishing trip? Dance Charades is sure to bring roars of laughter and you can play it almost anywhere.  


Take your family on a magical adventure in the Land of Fairy Tales! This one combines the fun of a board game with the skill of memory. Enchanted Forest is another Ravensburger game so you know it's a good one! 

8. Sleeping Queens

You'll love the colorful artwork on these beautiful playing cards. To win you'll need the most points but keeping your queens is harder than it sounds. You can adapt Sleeping Queens for young ones or enjoy the strategy of it all with the adults. 

9. Iota

This is a great logic card game for the whole family. You can simplify Iota based on ages or break it down as you continue to learn it. Try to make matches that give you the most points without helping your opponents out. Get more people playing Iota by using teams instead. 

 10. Decathlon

Are you ready to compete? In this dice game, you'll play in 10 different events such as the shot put, high jump, or 400-meter dash. The best overall score wins. You can buy the official game or grab 8 dice and use the rules from Reiner Knizia's website. Decathlon is another great game that will travel well! 

11. Small World

Strive for world domination in this game of strategy where there is clearly not enough room for everyone. Use a combination of fantasy races and powers in Small World to expand your empire and win the game.

12. Noah's Arkle

Grab your dice and get ready to play. This is a fun Biblical twist on the game Farkle- a push your luck dice game that is lots of fun, easy to play anywhere, and great for big groups.

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