How to Grow Candy Canes

Christmas time is all about love and a little magic. After watching "Elf", I knew we needed to have our own Candy Cane Forest! It doesn't matter what yours looks like, as long as its magical. 

We hung colorful, metallic snowflakes from the ceiling and taped paper to the wall with drawings of candy canes, trees, and colored lights along the top of the wall (don't want the baby ripping them down). The most magical thing that happens in our little Candy Cane Forest though is growing Candy Canes. You can grow them too!

How to grow a Candy Cane


1. Plant the seed!

We use Candy Cane Hershey's Kisses still in the wrapper (if you grow it in the wrapper, the candy cane will grow in the wrapper too- that way they don't get all dirty).  

2. "Water" it

We use sugar or sprinkles.  Not too much or it won't taste good- just the right amount of sweetness.

3. Place them in your forest and watch them grow

Water them every now and then.  Remember to mark which candy cane is whose so there won't be arguing later.

Our candy canes take 1-2 weeks.  It-s long enough to learn patience without being too long you just can't stand it!  Its hard to wait for the candy canes to grow to their full size but it sure is worth it!  Our rule is you can only plant one seed a year.

Here's some pictures of the growth process:

And at last, they are ready to be picked!  We love using the candy canes that Hammond's makes by hand- nice and big and thick. Its gives the candy cane growing process a bit more time and lots of excitement. Plus Hammond's Candy Canes come in all kinds of delicious flavors.  I do random flavors but you could water it with certain colored sugar to get the right flavored candy cane.

Note: If they pick their candy cane too early, it can't be replanted. Also if they are waiting to see if it'll get bigger after this stage, they actually start to shrink again- can't be too greedy!

The nice thing is you can reuse the growing pieces every year as long as they don't break!  Keep them somewhere safe!