LDS Movies to Watch on Netflix

As one doesn't live in Utah or next to a church bookstore, I love having access to LDS movies on Netflix. Unfortunately, they don't have as many available as they used to but the ones that are still open for streaming are worth watching.

Click here to see the most recent list of LDS Netflix Movies

  1. Saratov Approach- Tells the story of 2 LDS Missionaries who are taken captive in Russia. The first time watching this movie, it was just intense for me although they do lighten the mood in appropriate ways. The second time I watched this movie, I was able to appreciate their faith and learn more.
  2. 17 Miracles- Story of the Willie and Martin Handcart company. Lots of faith and wonderful miracles told throughout this story. I cry almost the whole time and definitely recommend it. My whole family watched it this last time for Pioneer Day and while my younger kids didn't understand everything in the movie, they did appreciate the spirit of the movie. Since I have relatives that were in these companies, it was something that I really wanted them to see.
  3. Emma Smith: My Story- Emma tells her stories of faith as she comforts her adopted daughter, Julia Murdock Smith. I haven't watched this one yet but its on my list!
  4. Saints and Soldiers- A small band of Allied soldiers struggle behind enemy lines with information that could save thousands. I haven't watched it yet but I've heard really good things about it. Check out the reviews on
  5. Saints and Soldiers: Airborne Creed- 3 American paratroopers risk their lives to rescue a group of French resistance fighters. Unlike other war movies, it focuses on the humanity of war. Based on true accounts.
  6. Mitt- A documentary on Mitt Romney's runs for President. Reveals the man behind the scenes. I ended up skipping around in this documentary, however, I did thoroughly enjoy it.
  7. American Mormon- Mixed reviews on this one but basically, people are asked questions about Mormons and you hear their responses.

While these are the only LDS related films at this time, there are other great faith and spiritual movies you can watch on Netflix. Simply browse the Faith and Spirituality Category while on your computer or search for your favorites by title. Don't know if they are worth your time? I like checking when I'm not sure.

Have you seen these movies? What did you think? Any other great Mormon Movies I should hunt down?