3 Ways to Say Thank You

November is the month we remember to really count all our blessings and express our gratitude for them all. Make your life easier and more grateful by using one of these three ways to express your thankfulness this month. 


All these files can be downloaded for free using the button at the bottom of this post. Who will you thank today?

Text It

Yes, you can absolutely text the words, "Thank You." However, take it a step further and include a cute photo Thank You that is sure to make them smile. You could even take a selfie of yourself holding one of the Thank You cards then push send.

Color It

Don't know exactly how to word your thanks? Try coloring it instead. You can draw a picture on the back side or include a photo of you too. 

Send It

Guess what? Snail mail is still one of the best ways to truly express your gratitude. It shows you are appreciative enough to take the time to write it out and get it to the mailbox. That's kind of a big deal these days! Use this simple Thank You stationary to get started on your letter. And remember to buy Forever Stamps so you don't ever have to worry.