3 Christmas Advents to Help You #LIGHTtheWORLD

This Christmas Light the World with service! The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is back at it again encouraging us to do different acts of service based on the teachings of Jesus Christ. Each day in December, you will find a different scriptural teaching to base acts of service on. 


To help you make these scriptures and acts of service a part of your Christmas, I made three different advent calendars. They all include the scriptures that Mormon.org is highlighting in December 2017. Find the one that speaks to you and your family and get planning now! 

See these advents in action in the video at the bottom!

Colorful Advent

Enjoy this playful scene as you hunt for the number to open each day. Underneath each number you will discover the coordinating scripture for the day. If you are doing this with your children, read the scripture together and talk about its meaning. You can then write the act of service you plan to accomplish that day under each flap. Need ideas? Mormon.org has some listed for every day, check out A Year of FHE's Children's Service Calendar, or use JustServe.org. There are a whole bunch of great service opportunities listed on Just Serve, you are bound to find one that works for you. 

To assemble this advent, you will need to cut out the door flaps first. There are two covers you can choose from- one that has guided lines and one without. I recommended using a retractable razor knife to cut inside 3 sides of the square to make a door flap (remember to use a cutting board!). After you cut the flaps, use a glue stick around the edges and in between the flaps to secure on top of the scripture page. I also recommend using a high quality paper for the best results. I did make some with normal paper and it was a little see through. When I used a higher quality paper, it turned out much better. You can also try card stock. 

Simple Advent

Keep things simple with this straight forward Christmas advent. This one combines Mormon.org's prepared calendar (print in red or black) with a cover. This is ideal for those that don't like to hunt for numbers and if you want to print in bulk. Consider using colorful or lightly patterned paper for extra fun. This is a great option if you are looking for something in other languages too as Mormon.org gives you the option of several. You can cut off the top words of my cover to suit your language need.

You will need to cut along the black lines to make each flap before gluing on top of Mormon.org's calendar. Remember to lift each flap up before the glue sets to avoid any getting stuck.

Continual Advent and Journal

Cut each scripture card and make a booklet in this Light the World advent. Each scripture card has a number on it so you can keep it in order but not the date so you can keep doing this advent all year long. Flip the card when you have completed that themed act of service. Insert the Experience cards so you can record each experience as well. The best part is you can keep adding extra Experience cards as you need to keep a great service journal. I made these in red but you can change your printer settings to print in black and white instead.