3 Ways You Can #LIGHTtheWORLD with Service this Christmas

Have you heard about Mormon.org's Christmas campaign yet? It's a beautifully inspired challenge. In short, it's to #LIGHTtheWORLD by following the Savior, Jesus Christ especially through service. Kick off this Christmas season by joining in a Worldwide Day of Service on December 1st then continue sharing light by finding ways to serve throughout the rest of the month. Every day Mormon.org will share new ideas for how you can be a light through service. 


Don't keep this challenge to yourself though! Whether you share this challenge with your family during Family Home Evening, ask your 10 year old Primary class to join you, or hand them out to your entire ward, there is a version of the invitation below that will suit your needs. If you would like the image instead of a pdf, you can email me and I'll send it your way. I have a transparent version that you print on dark paper as well to save you some ink. 

For added fun attach a birthday candle, battery operated tea light, or glow stick to the invitation. I find when I attach something to a handout it is less likely to get crumbled up and stuck at the bottom of a church bag. For the two sided invitations you can print and fold in half. 

  • Primary- There is a specific list for Primary children- small things that they can do on their own. If you attached something extra you can tell your Primary children to use the birthday candle on Christ's birthday or crack the glow stick when they do their first act of service. 
  • Youth and Adults- Adults have a different suggested list than the children. You will also find a blank one to add your own message instead. On the front of the invitation it invites people to head to mormon.org to find out more.  

Share the #LIGHTtheWORLD video (below) with your class then pass out the invitations to encourage others to join in the challenge.

3 Ways You Can #LIGHTtheWORLD

Now that you have people to do this challenge with you, start planning what kind of service you will do. The best part of this amazing Christmas campaign is that you can use your talents with the time you have to light the world where you are. Do what is right for you and your family. Here are few ideas to get you started:

Literally Light the World

Take the invitation literally by providing actual light in these ways:

  • Set up an older person's Christmas tree with lights and all. Sometimes the task is too daunting to do on one's own. Be sure to make a plan to help take it down after Christmas too.
  • Make emergency candle jars for your friends and family. They don't take long to assemble and it's a great way to be prepared.
  • Pay someone's electric bill- Go to your local utilities site and donate to their charity or leave a little money with a note at those houses that share their amazing Christmas lights every year. 
  • Put flashlights in your emergency kits- Serve your family by being prepared. Change out any old batteries and make sure your flashlights work. Keep a few lights in your 72 hour kits plus designate a spot for those that you will need during a blackout. 
  • Give a Christmas tree to a family- Go through one of your local charities or ask the Bishop of your ward if there is someone in need. String the lights on the tree and leave it on the doorstep with a box of ornaments.

Share Spiritual Light

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year because people are thinking more about Christ. Share your spiritual light in some of these ways:

  • Share a scripture online- Share you favorite scripture and why, share one of these 8 beautiful scripture graphics with a personal story, or write your testimony of a verse in a letter to a friend. 
  • Use passalong cards- Ask the missionaries for a few extras or print your own out online. Carry them with you so can you pass them out whenever you need.
  • Give a Book of Mormon to someone- Include in your gift baskets this year, pray to know the name of a specific person, or carry a copy with you so you can give it as you come across people. Remember to write your testimony inside it.
  • Invite someone to a ward activity or church service- This is a great time of year to invite the neighbors and friends to church. There are Christmas parties, musical presentations, and specially planned church services that many would love to attend. 
  • Share a Bible video on social media- The Church has done a beautiful job with all the Bible videos. Share one about the life of Jesus Christ on your social media pages this week with why you love it.
  • Do temple work- Share your light with those who have passed on. Spend 15 minutes indexing, find one name to take with you to the temple, or plan a time to head to the temple. 
  • Hold a Family Home Evening about lighting the world and what your family needs to do in order to keep your lights burning bright.

Spread Light with Simple Acts of Kindness

It doesn't have to take much time to spread some light. It's amazing how little acts of kindness can turn a whole person's day around. Don't underestimate the small but significant ways you can serve.

  • Smile at someone first- as you walk through a crowded store smile at those you see. It's amazing what smiling can do to lift everyone's spirit.
  • Give someone a sincere compliment and tell them why you think that. Use these free compliment cards to get you started.
  • Hold the door for someone- many will have their hands full this season.
  • Pay for the person behind you whether it's fast food or a toll booth. It will always bring a smile to the next person's face.
  • Apologize- Admit when you are wrong and give a sincere apology.
  • Choose not to be the angry one- It's easy to find reasons to be angry; choose to find a reason to be happy instead.
  • Wish someone a Merry Christmas- A warm greeting can be just what someone needs.
  • Pray for someone- Before you pray tonight think about someone that may need a little extra help.
  • Leave a note on someone's bed telling them something you like about them.
  • Make a meal for a friend that could use a hand or a break this season.

Uncover more ideas to #LIGHTtheWORLD on Mormon.org. 

YOUR TURN- How will you #LIGHTtheWORLD this Christmas season? Who will you invite to join you?