LDS Cookie Cutters for Your Next Activity

Are you looking for great themed food for your next LDS activity? LDS cookie cutters are a great go to. You can easily match your theme without breaking your budget. Don't limit these cutters to simply cookies either. Try them out with:

  • Brownies
  • Cake
  • Fondant (makes beautiful additions to cakes)
  • Playdough fun 
  • Breads 
  • Chocolate or candy molds
  • Homemade tortilla chips
  • And more!

Use these cookie cutters for Young Men's or Young Women's, Activity Days, Relief Society activities, firesides, seminary, baptisms, missionary farewells, weddings and a lot more.

Temple Cookie Cutters

Temple cookie cutters make a great addition to baptism celebrations, classes on the temple, 12 year old birthdays, or even wedding receptions. You can find several Salt Lake Cookie Cutters but it is harder to find others. Be Designs prints an Oakland Temple cookie cutter. Cookie Kingdom also has different temples such as Gilbert Arizona and San Diego.

CTR Shield Cookie Cutter

Use frosting to pipe on a CTR and you have great cookies that will work for any Primary activity, especially with the 2017 theme. Junior Primary has several lessons about choosing the right too- use this cookie cutter to make treats one week and playdough shapes the next. It's also great for baptisms.

Sword of Truth

Teaching about faith or the armor of God? Make swords of truth using this great cookie cutter. It could also be Laban's or Ammon's sword or bury cookie swords underneath crumbled up chocolate cookies for an Anti-Nephi-Lehi story time. 

Number Cutters

Make the number eight cookies for a baptism, the number 12 for Young Women's or Young Men's or even a sweet 16 with these number cookie cutters. 

Beehive Cookie Cutter

Whether you are welcoming in new Beehives or focusing on being industrious, this beehive cookie cutter is perfect. Add some yellow frosting and beehive sprinkles and it's complete.


Ties or Dresses

Bow tie, neck tie, and dress cookie cutters can be adjusted for multiple occasions. Use it for a missionary farewell or homecoming, a baptism, priesthood advancement, lesson on modesty, Father's and Mother's Day, or any other formal event. 

Wagon Wheel

Celebrate Pioneer Day with the wagon wheel cookies from The Haven Cookie Company. 

Pipe some beautiful designs on your desserts for an extra special night or have everyone decorate their own. Not a professional cookie decorator? Take an online cookie decorating class!