4 Ways You Can Build a Home of Faith

Building your home is a big deal. You have to decide which materials to use, colors for the walls, what kind of appliances to include. Do you want that kitchen sink or one with a higher faucet? Should that wall go all the way across or should you keep a more open floor plan? It all comes down to what type of home you ultimately want to have. What do you want your home to say? Go beyond creating a country or modern styled home; build a home of faith. In Matthew 7:24, it says we should build our homes on a rock, a firm foundation. That foundation is our faith in Jesus Christ. You can build your home of faith with these 4 steps.


Study It

Before you can build a home on faith, you must develop and continue to strengthen your faith in Christ. Create a place in your home that invites diligent scripture study. If it's in your bedroom, put a chair and table together so you keep your scriptures out on the table and read sitting up. Keep a notebook on your table as well to write down your thoughts as you study or use one my Study Journals.

If your family likes to read together in the kitchen or living room, consider using a tray to keep all your scriptures and journals together. You can keep the tray on your coffee table or fireplace and easily bring it over when you want to study together. Wherever you study, make your scriptures easily accessible so you can strengthen your faith often.

Pray for It

Faith and prayer go hand in hand. Pray for your house to be one of faith. Pray that your home can be a place where the Spirit is felt and others want to linger. Pray that you will know how to strengthen your faith daily and uplift those around you. Pray to understand what more you can do. Pray together as a family every day to keep your house a home where faith can be nourished.

Display It

Hang your faith on the walls of your home. It's a great reminder for yourself, your family, and those that enter your home. I don't have any LDS stores near me but I did find Christian Celebrations products at Walmart (near the cards/stationery department) making it easy to decorate my home with faith promoting messages. I quickly found two great wall décor items for an empty nook. They completely transformed the area. Instead of a boring blank wall, now your eyes are drawn to faith promoting messages and reminders that God loves us and will help us. What spaces in your home could use a faith filled makeover? LDS Bookstore and even Amazon offer more home decor options for your family. 

Share It

As you share your faith with others, you end up building a stronger foundation for your own home. Build a Promptings Basket so you can share your faith at a moment's notice. Often we feel inspired to help someone but are unprepared and sometimes put it off so long we forget about it all together. Keeping a Promptings Basket in your home allows you to quickly act on any impressions you or anyone else in your family receives.

Start filling up your basket with some of these ideas (I got my items from Christian Celebrations section at Walmart): 

  • Sticky Prayer Notes- You'll like the prayer sticky notes because you can quickly write down who or what you are thinking about then stick the note somewhere you will see it again later. It helps remind you of all the people and things you want to include in your prayers making them that much more meaningful. I put one pad in my purse for on the go ideas, one with my Promptings Basket, and one on my nightstand.
  • List Pads- Give one of the list makers in your life one of these faith inspired pads. Share a message of encouragement and testimony on the first page then tie the included pen and a sweet treat around it. I bought ones that say, "You're Stronger than You Know." It's a message we all need to hear.
  • LDS Printable Games- Always have a few fun games to share in your basket at a moment's notice. LDS Mystery Words and LDS Shout Out are great ways to provide quick and easy fun for a family that needs a break. 
  • Inspirational Magnet Set- I love the one that says, "You were made for this." What a great reminder to slip into a quick note for a friend.
  • Thinking of You Cards and Envelopes Box- 4 designs that include a short verse of scripture inside. Add your own note of testimony and love then slip it into the mail. Receiving a real letter in the mail can be the best kind of pick-me-up.
  • Gift Boxes- These are great because you can put anything inside before you drop it off for a friend. Add a flower, some sweet treats, or a whole bunch of little encouraging notes. I like the simple brown boxes so you can dress it up according to the season or occasion.

As you make the use of your Prompting Basket a regular practice, it will become a part of who your family is- people of faith that act. 

How will you build your home of faith?