Are You Ready to Transform Your Family Dinners?

You can have stimulating conversation with your entire family every night. You can strengthen your testimonies of the gospel during dinner. Stop dreading dinner time and start enjoying family meals together again. 


Does this sound familiar to you?

As soon as everyone gathers around the table, it’s like you all turn into robots, going through the same motions every single night…

There is a lot of talking around the table but it’s mostly dominated by one or two people…

Crickets, all you hear are crickets. Family dinner time feels more like people passing the time together while we put food in our mouths…

Here’s the good news- You’ve managed to gather everyone around the dinner table most nights. That’s an incredible feat in itself- from figuring out what to eat each night to managing schedules so you can all meet together. You are doing it! Way to go! 

In order to change the way your family dinners go though, you have to break out of your rut- you have to be willing to do something different. 

What if you could you have stimulating conversation with the entire family every night?

What if you could strengthen testimonies of the gospel in the process? 

Transform your family dinners with Book of Mormon Dinner Discussions. Chat about the stories, characters, and choices throughout the Book of Mormon with over 100 questions designed to get your family talking with each other. 

"We are loving the Book of Mormon Dinner discussion and use them all the time! My kids all love answering the questions and learning a little more about the scriptures. I love that everyone is engaged during mealtime and enjoying each other."- Siboney

As you listen to your family’s answers, not only will you grow closer together but you’ll learn where your family is on a spiritual level. You’ll be able to plan Family Home Evenings based on where your family is at and grow from there. It’ll give you new insight into the way they learn and what scriptures make the most impact on your family. 

"Our family loved the questions I asked them during dinner. It really helped to have a good spiritual conversation with my teenage and 9 year old sons. It was wonderful to hear everyone's different perspective to each question."- Vivian A.

With the Book of Mormon Dinner Discussions you will learn from each other. Families are designed to be forever- grow your testimonies together too. Gain new insights from different perspectives and apply the teachings to your lives.

The Book of Mormon Dinner Discussions don’t have to be just for dinner either. They are also great for

  • Road trips- Make good use of all that time in the car together and start your trip out on a good note.

  • Journal prompts- Challenge yourself to write down your answers once a week and discover new spiritual insight.

  • Church classrooms- Extra time at the end of your lesson? Need an emergency backup lesson? These fill up the time with great gospel oriented conversations.

  • Family Home Evenings- Pick one to base your weekly lessons on or use them as part of your activity.

The discussions currently come in 2 styles so you can pick the one that meets your needs. Print the simple, less ink needed version for your table then use the more decorative ones to give away at Christmas this year. You can even laminate and put them on a key ring to keep using them over and over again. 

And if that wasn’t enough, right now I’m throwing in 20 Family History Discussions to keep your dinner conversations going. Learn more about your family history, what’s important to those most important to you, and catch the spirit of the work. 

Plus you’ll get Silly Suppers too! 

Silly Suppers help you bump up the fun at your family dinners. You’ll discover 50 ways to insert some silly into your dinners to break free from the stress of the day. 

Each idea helps you remember to have fun with those that matter most without adding a ton more work for you. 

"The downloads are AWESOME!!!!!! So many great questions for the Book of Mormon dinner discussions and I love the family history questions too!! And I love all the creative ideas for Silly Suppers!!!" -Sue B.

Will your family dinners transform into perfection overnight? No, and they will certainly never be perfect but they can be pretty great. You have to put the effort into using these discussions  on a regular basis and use your conversation skills but guess what? You are already doing an amazing job of having family dinners. These don't take much more effort! You can do it! These extras won’t last forever either so take advantage of them while you can. 

Are you ready to transform your family dinners?

Yes! I want it!

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