5 Fun Ways to Play Latter-day Saint Pictionary

Latter-day Saint Pictionary is already such a fun game to play. It's great for activity nights, Family Nights, and even during lessons. Plus it's simple to play anywhere. But did you know you can do so much more with it than draw pictures? 


Make two copies and play a memory game, attach paper clips to each card and get a stick with a magnet on the end for a quick game of fishing. You can even add it on to any game by having each player pick a card before their turn and explaining what it means. There are so many great ways to play! These next 5 games though are some of our favorite ways to play. 


Did you know my Latter-day Saint Pictionary also comes with a large print version. This makes it easy to transform the Pictionary cards into Jeopardy game! Once you decide what categories you will use, print the large print answers and write the score on the back of each card. Remember with Jeopardy, you are showing the answer and it's up to the players to ask an appropriate question. 


Charades is a classic for reason! Instead of drawing pictures of every card, act it out instead. You can even take it a step further and use my free cards (included in the lesson handouts) to determine if they have to Act it Out, Sculpt It, Sing about It, or Draw It. Mix up the cards and pick one from each pile!

Story Cards

Be ready to laugh a lot when you transform my Latter-day Saint Pictionary cards into a Story Game instead. Give everyone in your group the same number of cards. The amount of cards will depend on the size of your group. For our family of seven, I pass out 3 or 4 cards each. On your turn, you must use one card to continue the story. The next player has to pick up the story where the previous player left off with one of their cards. Once all the cards have been played, the story ends. Be prepared for loads of twists and turns and lots of laughter! 

Note: If you find some people take longer turns than necessary, you might want to appoint someone as the moderator (a great job for someone that doesn't want to tell the story but still wants to participate). The moderator gets to stop the person telling the story any time they want after they have used one card in their hand- even mid sentence! 


Really challenge the minds of those in your family or class when you play Timeline. Everyone gets three cards that have a definite time period (for example Abinadi vs. Camel).  The rest of the time period cards you are choosing to play with go in a pile. Start the timeline with one card flipped over from the draw pile. The first player then decides if one of their cards goes before or after that card in the timeline. If the answer is correct, play continues to the next person. If it's wrong, place that card in the correct location then draw a new card. The first person to get rid of all their cards wins! 

Start with doing one book of scripture at a time like the Bible or Book of Mormon then work your way up. You will need to consult a timeline to know if your answers are correct. You can make your own or search LDS.org for their resources like this Book of Mormon Timeline.

Journal and Study Prompts

Journaling is a great activity for summer scripture study as you have more time to study. Instead of reading straight through the scriptures, pick a random Pictionary card out of the pile and study all you can about that thing or person. You can glue prompts in a notebook for your children to do throughout the summer or do it as a family. It's a great way to look at the scriptures in a whole new light. 

Get Latter-day Saint Pictionary now and start playing!

Latter-day Saint Pictionary

Bring on the fun with Latter-day Saint Pictionary! You will find 100+ cards to keep the fun going for a long time. Each card has an image on it to help those who have difficulty reading as well as to give you a hint of what to draw if you are stumped. 

Great for:

  • Last minute lessons- talk about the object in more detail after it's been guess for double points

  • Family Home Evenings- the lesson or the activity. Either way it's a blast.

  • Lesson reviews- Choose the cards that relate to your recent LDS Primary lessons and spend the last 10 minutes of class doing a review.

  • Sharing Time- Play Pictionary to introduce the topic!

  • Time filler- When your lesson ends too early, pull these out to keep the class focused.

    Now with a Large Print version for even more fun!

    Discover even more fun ways to use this game in 5 Fun Ways to Play Pictionary!

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