Color You Own Mother's Day Card

It's time to celebrate Mom! I'm always looking for simple ways to celebrate Mom that also come from the heart. This year, I'm sharing with you this free coloring book style Mom card. It combines the ease of printing with the love of using your own hands to create something beautiful.


One of things that makes me dread Mother's Day (and writing anything about it) is all the complaining that goes along with it. No one does anything for me. I didn't want my ward to do that. Why do we even do things for Mother's Day at Church? So and so gets everything and I don't get anything. My mom was never like that- she doesn't deserve anything. If I hear one more talk about motherhood... And so it goes on and on. Satan is certainly enjoying tearing apart mothers in this very real way.

Let's celebrate Mother's Day for what it really is- honoring the divine gift of Motherhood. I know it isn't easy but if we focus more on what we can do for others and less on what is done or not done for us, the more we'll actually enjoy it. 

So think of who you can give this card to- beyond giving this to your Mom! Send one to your aunt, sister, neighbor, etc. There are so many wonderful Moms in the world that deserve to be celebrated! Let them know they matter and are loved!

P.S. If you don't have time to color, check out this wonderful colored version from A Lively Hope.