5 Inspiring Latter-day Saint Calendars for the New Year

New year, new curriculum, new calendar. Why not help yourself accomplish your goals this year with some inspirational calendars. Below you will find 5 different styles of calendars to help you have a very happy and inspiring new year. 

Pssssttt... These make great Christmas presents too! 

(Updated for 2019)


Let your calendar work double duty for you. Use each day as a chance to do a little journaling too. You can keep it to one simple highlight of the day or dive in deeper depending on which calendar you choose.

from LDS Bookstore

from LDS Bookstore

From LDS Bookstore

From LDS Bookstore

Monthly Calendar

Since we’ll be studying the New Testament in 2019, let your calendar help you ponder the stories found within. Find beautiful artwork done by Jorge Cocco including the following scenes: Calling the disciples, healing, calming the tempest, the lost sheep, the prodigal son, and more.

I also love the Ministering Angels Calendar by Annie Henrie Nader. It’s beautiful designed and such a great reminder of those that minister to us as well as to reach out to others.

Mormon Mom Planner

Keep track of all the day to day activities and the most important things in this great combo, a Mormon Mom Planner. Beautiful monthly quotes, sturdy pages, organizational tools, and spiritual goals to help you stay on top of life. Seriously, one of my all time favorites. 

from LDS Bookstore

from LDS Bookstore


LDS Day-to-Day Calendar

Keep track of your days and get a little inspiration with 313 pages of quotes (Saturday and Sundays are combined). This calendar includes powerful quotes and scriptures, inspiring facts from Latter-day Saint history, major holiday-themed days, and beautiful images of nature. 


A Future as Bright as Your Faith

Skip the traditional calendar and use this daily devotional calendar instead. Each day includes a scripture and quote from President Thomas S. Monson. It can even serve as a quick one minute morning devotional for your family. 

Missionary Countdown Calendars

Countdown your missionaries return with one of the missionary calendars at LDS Bookstore. There are several different designs including ones for sister missionaries.