5 LDS Family Gifts You Can Give this Christmas

Finding the right Christmas gift can be a challenge- you have to balance fun with need and usefulness. Then there is the added challenge of buying a gift for a whole family. How do you find something that works for every age? Don't fret, I've got your back. 


Whether you are buying for your brother's family or giving a gift to your own family, these 5 LDS products will do the trick. 

The Living Scriptures

With new videos added every week, a Living Scriptures Streaming Subscription is a great service to give to your family this Christmas. It includes the classic Living Scripture videos plus other great wholesome favorites such as 17 Miracles and Liberty Kids. There is something for every age making it easy for the whole family to enjoy. Plus every Living Scriptures video has a Family Home Evening lesson and activities included! Giving it as a gift to another family? Pay for the whole year or a couple of months. 

Scripture Stackers

We love Our Picnic Tree's Scripture Stackers in our home. You can put the figurines in your family's stockings (we did this last year and my kids LOVED it). They also have a Nephi and a Broken Bow set as well as a Nativity set. These make a great addition to Family Home Evenings and General Conference fun too. 

Deseret Bookshelf PLUS

This is another gift that will keep on giving all year. Your whole family will enjoy using Deseret Bookshelf PLUS because it gives you access to thousands of LDS titles including talks from TOFW (Time out for Women) and books like Fablehaven. Put on a fun talk from Hank Smith or Brad Wilcox on the way to school or listen to Tennis Shoes Among the Nephites on a road trip. I like looking for titles that relate to a subject I'm studying or the next church lesson. There really is something for everyone to enjoy. Psstt... it's cheaper to get a Platinum Membership to Deseret Bookshelf and pay for the annual price than any other option (and you get to enjoy the extra perks). And yes, there is a gift membership option. 

LDS Themed Calendars

Include a LDS calendar for the whole family or one for each person with your Christmas gifts this year. There are all kinds of great ones you can choose from including daily and monthly. I share five of my favorite LDS calendars here. 

Scripture Study Helpers

Help your family dig into the scriptures with some great scripture study guides and journals. I love the Red Headed Hostess Book of Mormon Study Guide. There is room to doodle, diagrams to help you follow story lines, and explanation pages to help you understand.

I also love The Book of Mormon for Latter-day Saint Families. It really helps you go from simply reading the scriptures to studying The Book of Mormon with all sorts of informative footnotes (pssttt... this is included in your Deseret Bookshelf PLUS subscription). There is also one for the New Testament if you want to study along with this year's lessons.

Bonus Idea!

Family date night packets are always an amazing gift- the gift of time together. You can get some ideas for yours here or make your life super simple with A Year of Family Date Nights done for you by The Dating Divas. You could even use them for FHE activities.