7 Fabulous Family History Games

As we continue in the #MyForeverFamily challenge this month, let's talk about some of the fun ways to get your family into family history- through games! Games help your family really get to know the faces and stories behind your ancestors plus reward you for all your hard work. Discover 7 fabulous games waiting to be played by your family below.


Family History Memory

Gather some family photos both current and past and make it into a fun memory game. This game is great for even the youngest players. I love the way Jocelyn's turned out!

Family History Guess Who

You'll love this twist on an old classic. It's a great way to really come to recognize your ancestors. You'll need ancestor photos plus this Guess Who template to get started. You'll find all the rules with the template too.

Family History Shout Out! 

Do you remember the game Outburst? One person gets the topic card while the other players have to try to guess the 10 target answers. Do the same with your family history! Grab several template cards with topics to get you started in the Family History Family Fun Packet. Fill out the 10 target answers and pick a night to play! Grab LDS Shout Out! for twice the fun.

Do You Know Your Siblings? 

Here's a fun game you can easily play for your next Family Home Evening. Write down everyone's favorites and take turns guessing who it is. Read more about how to play here.

Toss 'N Talk-About Family History

Use the Toss 'N Talk- About Family History ball to get the conversation started at the next family game night or reunion. It's simple enough that almost everyone can play. Toss the ball and answer the question that your hand lands on. Be sure to stick the non-readers next to readers so everyone has fun. 

Where in the World Family History Game

Remember Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego? Now play it with your own family information! Sheena from Little LDS Ideas has templates and a tutorial to help you get going. It's bound to a hit for years. 

Family History Bingo

Family History Bingo is easy to play! Plug in your old family photos or traits and grab some M&M's to use as markers. You can get my Family History Bingo template or try Heidi's from a Lively Hope.

Your Turn- What Family History games do you like to play?