7 Latter-day Saint Inspired Christmas Trees for Your Home

We all want to keep our focus on Christ throughout the Christmas season. One easy way to do just that is in the way you decorate your Christmas tree! Every time you pass by your Christmas tree, you’ll also be reminded why we celebrate Christmas, because of Jesus Christ. Grab some religious inspired Christmas tree ideas below.


Have you seen an amazing tree that helps you keep the focus on Christ too? Be sure to share your findings and additional ideas in the comments. We’d love to hear!

A Book of Mormon Christmas Tree


The credit for this tree goes to my Mom. She got the idea one year back when I was in high school. At the time I thought she was crazy but now I love the genius of it. I mean, I’m still thinking about it all these years later and I thought about the Book of Mormon a lot that Christmas.

For the main focus of the tree, we used plastic Book of Mormon figurines instead of traditional ornaments (the 3 inch ones). The beauty of this is you can gift the figurines to your family for Christmas too. Then as you study the Book of Mormon in 2020, you’ll have figurines to help act out the stories!

When choosing which Book of Mormon figurines to use, keep in mind that you need to be able to put a hook or string around them with it falling off or being upside down. This limits you a little bit but it will make your tree decorating easier. Here’s some that work well:

There are more figurines so take a look around your local Latter-day Saint bookstore. Add some vintage globe ornaments to tie in the “other sheep I have” theme plus some other colorful bulbs to fill it in. You can even print some of your favorite Book of Mormon scriptures on card stock and place them in your tree. You can find the occasional Book of Mormon ornament to add as well. They used to sell an Angel Moroni tree topper but I haven’t been able to find it again. Any star or angel would look beautiful at the top though.

Read the Christmas story from the Book of Mormon in addition to Luke 2 and remind your family how the Book of Mormon is another testament of Jesus Christ.

A Temple Christmas Tree

Thanks to Ringmasters for this beautiful photo of their temple ornaments

Thanks to Ringmasters for this beautiful photo of their temple ornaments

Ever since I started incorporating the temple into our Christmas decorations, things changed. Instead of focusing on one specific part of Christ’s life, it helps you think of the whole Plan of Salvation, your role in it, and how grateful you are for the blessings you have because of Jesus Christ. A Temple Christmas tree really helps you remember the big picture and the eternal blessings yet to come.

Fill your Christmas tree with ornaments of various temples:

Add globe ornaments to emphasize how temples dot the earth today. White, clear, and red ornaments (or whatever is your favorite) round out the tree nicely. Top your tree with an angel just like the temple.

You could also focus your Christmas tree on specific temple instead. Fill it with various ornaments of your temple then add in things unique to that area. For example, for our Denver Colorado Temple, I could add mountain themed items, Colorado ornaments, ski ornaments, snowballs, etc.

A Nativity Tree

Thanks to the Fuller family for this photo

Thanks to the Fuller family for this photo

Turn your whole Christmas tree into a nativity or a tree filled with nativities. Top with a Star of Bethlehem or an angel. Include shepherds, wise men, and stable animals throughout your tree to fill it out. The good news is these types of ornaments are easy to find in the stores at Christmas time. You can even take a small nativity and turn them into ornaments. Here’s a great 14 piece nativity ornament set from Deseret Book though that would be cute and easy.

25 Days of Christ

Thanks to New Tradition Crafts for this photo of their 25 Days of Christmas

A 25 Days of Christ tree is perfect for those that want a little devotional to go with it. Each day, you gather your family to study the life and teachings of Jesus Christ then place an ornament on the tree that represents what you studied that day. It helps you countdown to Christmas all while remaining focused on Christ. You can do this on additional mini tree or fill your tree with other ornaments that represent the life of Jesus Christ and add these to your tree throughout the month. There is even a great book you can read as you go through this countdown to Christmas.

Note: There are several different sets you can buy. You can personalize it by buying the unfinished kit then paint and finish assembling it yourself or buy the finished set. You can also buy one that focuses solely on the New Testament or get one that combines the New Testament and Book of Mormon stories (a perfect way to transition from our study of the New Testament to Book of Mormon next year!).

Use promo code CKNSCRATCH and get 20% off your purchase at New Tradition Crafts!

Names of Christ

Thanks to the Mabey family for this photo of their Christmas tree!

Thanks to the Mabey family for this photo of their Christmas tree!

Add the names of Christ to your Christmas tree! As you gaze at your tree, you can’t help but ponder what each name means. It’s a great way to expand your understanding of the roles of Jesus Christ. These are simple to add to your already existing ornaments too. In the photo above, the names are written on chalkboard ornaments but there are several you can buy as well:

Wise Men

Thanks to the Wells family for their Wise Men tree example

A Wise Men tree is a great addition to any home. You can give only three gifts just like the Wise Men did too. Remember to give your own gifts to Christ too! Or go with the theme of how wise men still seek out Christ.

For your Wise Men tree, include some more exotic elements like feathers, peacocks, and more lively colors. You’ll definitely want to use a star on the top of your tree or as ornaments throughout. You can add various Wise Men ornaments as well like this wood slice ornament or this silver one.


Thanks to the Wells family for this photo

If you have a son or daughter on a mission, a missionary themed tree is perfect! Fill it with objects from their missions, photos of your missionary, scriptures about missionary work, maps, bicycles, airplanes, and more. You can order custom made ornaments specifically for your missionary too:

Send a few ornaments to your missionary too for their own tree!

And remember! You can make any tree into a missionary tree if you take the time to share about your ornaments and why they remind you of Jesus Christ.