Thanksgiving Tepees and a Gospel Lesson

Don’t you love Thanksgiving time?! Everyone is happier because we’re all focused on being grateful instead of complaining. It’s such a joyous time! Help celebrate Thanksgiving by making these fun paper tepees with your family (you’ll love the Gospel tie in too).


There are several different fall patterns to choose from including blank mini ones so you can draw your own pattern! I didn’t draw the door lines though. This way you have the option of leaving them completely closed and don’t have to worry about them facing a “right” way. If you want to add a door, simply cut a line where you want it to be to about halfway up your tepee then fold the flaps at a diagonal.


How Can Tepees Help You Teach the Gospel?

Use the tepees to help you teach about Faith, Hope, and Charity! Each stick of the tepee represents one principle. Add Faith and Hope first then ask your family if they think it will stand with only two sticks. It won’t! Then show how charity is needed to make the tepee stand and supports faith and hope just like faith and hope support charity. Charity can’t stand alone either.

President M. Russell Ballard’s pointed this out beautifully in his talk, “The Joy of Hope Fulfilled.” He used a three legged stool as an example but you can substitute tepee instead. You can discuss his whole talk or read the highlighted portion with your family.


There are two sizes of tepees. The small ones work well with toothpicks as the poles. The larger size works well with whatever other sticks you have around the house. I grabbed some chopsticks- they are a little tall but still work well. You could go on a hunt for some fun sticks in your neighborhood.

How to Assemble Your Tepee:

  1. Cut out your template.

  2. Tape three sticks evenly across the inside of your tepee. Remember, it’ll fold around so don’t have two sticks at the ends of the template or where you will end up putting the glue. You’ll want the sticks to be even with the bottom of your tepee.

  3. Fold around until it forms a cone. Tape or glue to secure.