Back to School Sticky Notes for Your Teen

It’s back to school time! Whether your teen is moaning and groaning about the end of summer or they are excited about seeing more friends again, it can be a transition for all involved. And while it’s not cool or even necessary to hold your teen’s hand and give them a big hug before they go to their locker, it’s still nice to be able to show them some love and that they matter. And that’s why I made the Back to School Sticky Notes for Your Teen.


These aren’t your average sticky notes either. They combine some typical motivational sayings with teenage weirdness and fun. For example, “May the mass x acceleration be with you” instead of the force. Or underneath the “one smart cookie” one you put the “take two just in case” sticky note. The goal here is to get our teens to smile even if we won’t be around to see it happen.

If you have never printed on sticky notes before, don’t worry! It’s not too hard but does take a little planning. Instructions to print are included in the printable. However, if you still have questions, you can watch my how to print on sticky notes tutorial or play it safe with full adhesive sticky notes (they come in handy). Printing on sticky notes is one of my favorite things. The words stand out, it's unexpected, you can stick them on in a hurry, and it's easy to use a lot of different colors (check out this pack of colors).

When to Surprise Your Teen with Sticky Notes

You know your teen best. One of mine needs a lot of reminders to smile and that she is loved at the beginning of the school year. On back to school night, I come prepared with my pages of sticky notes and quickly decorate her locker. However, my other teen needs simple reminders throughout the whole year so I slip them in her lunchbox, a binder she brings home from school, etc. every few weeks so she never forgets I’m thinking of her.

The two printables are the same. One will print upside down. It depends on what type of printer you have for which will work best for you. When I had my inkjet printer, the regular one worked great. Now that I have my laser printer, I need the upside down one.

Have extra sticky notes? Print these Teacher Thank You notes now and you’ll be ready when you need one.