Get to Know You Unity Games

Whether you need to create some more unity within your family or want to get to know the new people in your church class better, these Get to Know You Unity Games are your ticket. Games help break down the barriers and help you connect with each other.
These team building games are great for Activity Days, Youth Activity Nights, Family Home Evening, you name it. They don’t require fancy items and you probably have most of the things already in your house.


Shredded Paper Scripture Relay

This is one of my favorites to play but it can be messy. Plan carefully so you don’t spend the rest of the night cleaning up.


  1. Fill two big tubs at least half way full of shredded paper (white paper is best). The fuller you make it, the harder the game but also the messier it gets.

  2. Print your scripture clues on colored pieces of paper so the teams will know what to look for. You can also make the strips a little thicker than the shredded paper to make them easier to find.

  3. Mix your colored clues in with the shredded paper. Mix well! None should be showing but also shouldn’t be all at the bottom.

  4. Prepare your buckets or have a white board marker ready with magnets for the clues to be matched with.

You can put anything you want on the colored paper. For example, if you are working on memorizing certain scriptures and their references, put the scriptures on the colored paper and write down the scripture references on the white board to match them with. Another idea is write quotes from the prophets as well as Disney movies on the colored paper then label two buckets, Prophets and Disney. If you do this, number your quotes so it’s easy to check the answers afterwards. If you need something quick, you can use this older version of Prophets or Disney.

How to Play

  1. Mark a starting line and divide into two teams.

  2. Place the tubs full of shredded paper a ways from the starting line. Set up your answer stations whether they are buckets to place the strips in or answers on a white board with magnets or tape in place.

  3. One person at a time races to the bucket to find a colored strip of paper. After they match it to the correct category, they race back to tag the next person in line.

  4. The team that finishes first gets bonus points but the time that gets the most correct wins.

You can mix this up all sorts of ways: Add extra obstacles to get through between stations, allow teams to change answers, subtract points for spilling paper on the floor, etc. Get creative and have fun! If you are worried about shredded paper everywhere, you can place the tubs inside a small swimming pool or on top of a tarp for easy clean up. You can also make who can clean up their paper the fastest a bonus point round.

Gospel Tie In

In addition to using gospel quotes and scriptures during the game, you can also compare this to “digging” into the scriptures and words of the prophets!

Flip Tac Toe

This idea came from watching Meck Mom’s parade game ideas. It’s a twist on the classic Tic Tac Toe.


  1. Fill water bottles half full to be flipped. I used one water bottle for every two people.

  2. Mark a Tic Tac Toe board. Since we played in the grass I taped a grid on the back of our Twister mat. If you are on concrete, use sidewalk chalk.

  3. You’ll also need to gather some things to mark the X’s and O’s. We used rings from Twister Hoopla. You could use different colored paper plates or the water bottles you are using to flip (just dye the water different colors for each team).

How to Play

  1. Each team tries to flip their water bottle successfully (meaning it has to be standing and stay standing). Once they do this successfully, that person can race to the Tic Tac Toe board.

  2. At the board you have two options: You can place your piece on the board or you can take a piece from the other team off the board but you can only do one thing.

  3. Race back and start flipping again. Since we only had one water bottle per two people, the next person in line could start flipping as soon as the person took off for the board.

  4. First team to get three in a row wins!

You may want to give people some practice time before starting the game if they have never bottle flipped before.

Gospel Tie In

Compare this to how we must constantly be trying to get back to the Kingdom of God. Sometimes the adversary will get in our way (opposing team taking our piece off our board) and sometimes we get in our own way (bottle flipping not working), but if we endure to the endure, great will be our reward.

Stand Tall

This is another one I now use thanks to Meck Mom. Seriously, she is full of great ideas. You can use old wrapping paper tubes (or ones still in their wrappers) but since it’s become one of my go to games, I bought pipe and cut it into about 5 foot sections. It cost me a little over a $1 a pipe. The goal of this game is to keep your pole standing up while moving around the circle.

How to Play

  1. Everyone stands in a circle with a pole in front of them. The distance between people determines the difficulty so do some practice rounds with an arms length apart then adjust. As you keep playing, you can add additional steps backwards to make it more challenging.

  2. A leader calls out what to do: Right, Left, Spin. If you call out “Right” that means everyone must move to the right and catch that pole before it hits the ground. For “Spin”, they stay where they are but spin in a circle to catch their own pole again.

  3. If your pole hits the ground, you are out. Last person standing wins.

Gospel Tie In

I like to think of the poles as us- we want to stand tall in holy places. Sometimes we start to fall over but can be lifted back up by positive people in our lives.

Spiritual Whirlwinds

My kids play Whirlwind in PE all the time. With a little twist you can totally tie in a gospel message too.


  1. Gather several similar items for each team to collect. I recommend about 10 items. They don’t have to be similar items but it’s more “fair” if they are.

  2. Tie a rope on to a small stuffed animal- you will need one per team. Make the rope long enough to touch the ground if someone is holding the rope with their arms straight out.

How to Play

  1. One person from each team gets to be the Whirlwind for a different team. Lay the objects each team needs to collect in a circle around each Whirlwind.

  2. Each Whirlwind gets the rope with a small stuffed animal attached to it. The Whirlwind swings the rope around them or spins with it to make it difficult for people to collect the objects. They can’t purposefully full on hit someone with the animal but they can make it really difficult to get items. No ropes over the head. Whirlwinds can be switched out during the game if they get dizzy but that gives the other team a chance to take objects without opposition.

  3. Each team sends one person up at a time to grab one object at a time. You could also play where several team members go up at once depending on how hard you want to make it and how long you want the game to last. If you get hit by the Whirlwind, you must drop your object back underneath and go back to the end of your team’s line.

  4. The team who gets all their objects from under the Whirlwind first wins.

Gospel Tie In

Give each team a bonus point for every object they can tie back into the Gospel. It’s super fun to see what they come up with especially if you grabbed random objects without thinking about how they tie in.

You can also tie in Elder Neil L. Andersen’s talk, “Spiritual Whirlwinds.” You can show the dramatized video clip of his talk after. 

Candy Basket Kerplunk with Get to Know You Questions

You’ve seen Kerplunk but how about a get to know you twist with a sweet reward?


  1. You’ll need two small laundry type baskets. I grabbed ours at the dollar store. Also grab some skewers (you can use dowels but skewers are cheaper).

  2. Prepare your treats with my Get to Know You questions. It’s okay if you end up printing the same question more than once as there will always be different answers. I put ours on fun size bags of M&Ms but use whatever your group likes. I recommend no smaller than fun size though or you’ll have to use a TON of skewers.

  3. Place your treats in the two laundry baskets stack upon each other. Twist the baskets so they are mismatched. Thread the skewers through on top of the treats so that none will fall out. My baskets were just a smidge too big in the middle so I taped a few of the skewers together so they could go all the way across. Be sure to crisscross and go over and under.

  4. Test it out by flipping it over. If your items fall out, make it more secure. I used all the skewers in our bag.

How to Play

  1. Take turns taking a skewer at a time.

  2. If nothing falls out, you are safe. If something falls out, your team gets minus however many fell out number of points.

  3. Once everything falls out, everyone take a treat and take turns answering the questions.

This one is great for finishing off your activity. You get a treat and get to talk a little. Plus it brings everyone back together as one group whole. Meck Mom has a fun sour treat twist to it if you want to mix it up a bit.

Backup Games

Always prepare some back up games! I can’t stress that enough. Maybe one game will be a total bust because you forgot to bring something or it goes much faster than you had planned. Maybe it rains and you can’t do them all. These are games you can have in your back pocket and easily keep the fun going.

Latter-day Saint Shout Out

Similar to Outburst, Latter-day Saint Shout Out has 10 target answers per card that you must guess within a certain time frame. It’s super easy to play anywhere and requires very little set up. You can even play it in between games while someone else set ups the next unity game (See an example in the video- you can make it easier by giving clues).

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Latter-day Saint Pictionary

All you need for Latter-day Saint Pictionary is a white board and marker (or paper and pen) plus my cards. Split into teams and set a timer on your phone. If they guess it before time is out, they get the points! Plus with 100+ religiously themed cards, you can easily tie it back into a gospel message you want to focus on.

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