Easter Fun... on a Stick

Who knew there was such a fun holiday as Something on a Stick Day? March 28 is the perfect excuse to spread a little Easter cheer! All you need are some sticks or straws (I like these paper ones), food that is easy to put on a stick, and my fun free Happy Easter labels!


Prepare your on a sticks first. Cut out each label, fold in half, then secure around your stick with a glue stick. You can always trim them up a little bit after they are secure if the fold isn't perfect. Then get your on a stick food together. Some foods that go great on a stick:

  • Corn dogs

  • Marshmallows

  • Fruit

  • Peeps

  • Bread

  • Lollipops

  • Pound cake

I love using marshmallows because it's a quick and easy treat that easily pleases. Try dipping them in caramel then chocolate- so good. It's a kid friendly recipe too especially if they join in to roll the marshmallows around in sprinkles too.

Use these Happy Easter labels at parties, Easter egg hunts, or to give to a neighbors and friends as you wish them a Happy Easter. Keep the fun going with more great coordinating Easter printables found in my Golden Easter Fun printable kit. You'll find banners, napkin rings, treat bags, story props, and lots more!