Service Idea: Give Them a Break!

There are so many people in this world who just want a break- from studying, from being a care taker, from illness, or even from the craziness of a day. Give them a break with this great treat idea! 


All the credit of this idea goes to my husband. As I continue to go in for daily cancer treatment, it can get rough. Sometimes I just want a break! I was saying such a thing one morning and he came into my treatment center later that day with a Kit Kat saying he knew I could use a break! How cute is that?! Why a Kit Kat? Remember their little jingle, "Break me off a piece of that Kit Kat bar." Since I can't actually take a break from my treatments, this was the perfect little pick-me-up. 

Do you know someone with chronic illness, a crazy life, or lots of exams coming up? Give them a break with this fun free printable wrapper and think of how else you might be able to help them out. For example:

  • Play games with someone while they are receiving a long treatment or someone that is lonely.

  • Plan a lunch get together to bond and get out of the house (it could be a picnic, at someone else's house, or a restaurant).

  • Babysit so they can have a break.

  • Sit with someone that needs in home care so the care taker can get out without worrying.

  • Bring a movie over and watch it together.

  • Add some more study snacks and chat for a bit.

There are so many ways something simple like this can make a difference so don't hesitate! Go and give someone a break!