Get to Know You Valentine: Ministering Helps

Take advantage of Valentine’s Day this year and get to know your ministering families better! Emily from The Benson Street designed a Valentine Get to Know You printable making it easy to ask questions that will help you know each other better. Each heart on this Valentine Get to Know You sheet has a favorite item to fill in such as favorite scripture, treat, quote, etc. Simple to answer and great for starting a conversation (Hence the conversation hearts!).


Print out your free Get to Know You sheet using the button near the bottom of this post then tie it to a bag of conversation hearts (if there are multiple people in the household, these small boxes of conversation hearts can be handy)! There are lots of great ways to put this fun Valentine printable to use:

  • Assemble and drop it off to your ministering families. Ask them to fill out the sheet and return it to you. It helps to give a specific time you will pick the sheet back up. For example, you could drop it off after a youth activity one night and tell them you’ll be back to pick it up Saturday morning.

  • Use them at a visit! Ask your family to fill one out while you fill one out too. Share your answers and start talking about things you have in common or different things you learn about each other. It doesn’t even matter if you get through all the answers as long as you start to make a connection.

  • Assign a colored candy heart to each question. As you visit your ministering families, have one person close their eyes and draw a heart. That’s the question they must answer. If they draw the same color more than once then you get to know about more than one favorite treat or whichever category it goes with.

  • Known your ministering family for a while? Use these cards like the Newly Wed Game. They write down all their answers then you write down what you think they will say. For every right answer, they get a conversation heart. For every wrong answer, you get to learn something new!

  • Take note of the answers your families give then use them as ideas for doing something special for them. If you feel like they need a lift one day, drop by with their favorite treat. Read their favorite book and ask them what they liked about it to keep the conversation and friendship going. It doesn’t really matter what you do, only that you use the information you received to truly minister to your families.

There are so many ways to get to know someone by answering these simple questions. It’s a great icebreaker! Don’t think they will like the traditional conversation heart candy? Don’t worry. There are all types of fun heart shaped candies these days that you can use instead:

Don’t let the fun stop there though! Grab my free Latter-day Saint theme paper conversation hearts and surprise your families with a heart attack one day or send one in the mail.

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