How Well Are You Guarding Your Nest?

It's been a long day and you're finally ready to sit down. As you begin to relax you take notice of your home- the structure, the decorations, and the people in it. Is it what you want it to be? Is your home a place of peace? It may not be all the time but you can make it a refuge the majority of the time. 

Regardless of where you live, what kind of dwelling you have, or how big your family is, your home can be a sacred place with a little bit of planning and effort. Grab a piece of paper and consider these 3 questions as you make your home a holy place:

What are you allowing in?

It's your home and you have control over what comes in. Don't give that control up because you are too tired to care. Be at the gate and watch over what you allow in. Do you want your home to be beautiful and well-organized or would you rather have it filled with all kinds of people? When you turn on the radio, what kind of mood are you allowing to enter your home? What pictures are you allowing on your walls? What do they say? Are you allowing everything in and slowly sorting through or are you being intentional about the things you do allow into your home? Is Christ there? Are you making room for the Spirit? Look around you. How does what you see right now answer these questions?

What are you keeping out?

If there is one thing I can't stand in my home it's creepy crawlies- spiders, ants, snakes, and the hibby jibbies. What things are you keeping out of your home? Do you restrict the amount of TV time? What shows do you not want your family watch? What kind of protection are you using on your phones, computers, and other electronic devices? Do you have rules about the language that is allowed in your home? What things that are currently in your home that you do want to keep out in the future? Are you checking your work or school frustrations at the door?

What are you building up?

Everyday you have the opportunity to build up stronger walls or tear them down. What are you going to do today? How can you strengthen the components that really make your home a home? Is Spiritual CPR a habit? Are you taking the time to listen to each family member? And I mean really listen- not give advice, not criticize, but listen. Are you taking advantage of the everyday learning opportunities and teaching life skills and spiritual lessons? Do you take the time to tell your family you love them then follow it up with action? Are you paying attention to the ways your spouse is telling you "I love you?" Are you taking the time to share your testimony to those within your walls? What specific ways can you focus on this week to build your nest? 

Every once in a while, come back and ask yourself these questions again. Evaluate your home as a family and most importantly remember these words from Elder Richard G. Scott:

"Be certain that every decision you make, whether temporal or spiritual, is conditioned on what the Savior would have you do. When He is the center of your home, there is peace and serenity. There is a spirit of assurance that pervades the home, and it is felt by all who dwell there."