Sending Your Children Off to School with Packets of Light

Transitioning back to school can be rough for everyone- parents, siblings left behind, and the children going to school. The first month of school is rough in our household as we try to settle into a new routine and make peace with all the changes. How do you reassure your children that everything will be okay? How do you help guide them through friendship battles and homework woes? This quote from Elder Richard G. Scott gives us the answer.

The scriptures can give you and your children the answers they need! For a lot of children, this concept of gospel application sounds fine and dandy but it's a foreign concept in its application. Help your children apply the scriptures to their lives by using these 27 Back to School Scripture Notes. As you listen to their successes and struggles, what scriptures can help answer their problems? These scripture notes cover topics such as why we go to school, what to believe as we learn the different theories of the world, and how to deal with the struggle of making new friends. These packets of light can shine new understanding and knowledge on their everyday problems. Before you slip one into your children's lunch boxes, share a little bit of your testimony, loving motivation, or insights on the back.


Hymn #239 is the perfect way to encourage your children as they nervously takes their first test. Doctrine and Covenant scriptures can shed light on why we want to learn as much as we can now. Quotes from church leaders can give your children the confidence they need to make a new friend or try out for the team. Print yours out by clicking the image above and show your children how the gospel does apply to their lives and can give them the answers they need.

Your Turn- How do you help your children make the transition back to school? What kind of notes do you like to put in their lunch boxes?

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