How to Encourage Golden Quiet Time through Interactive Books

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Peace and quiet is something as parents we treasure far more than anything Santa has ever brought us. Silence is golden. Quiet helps revitalize our souls and provides much needed time to ponder. Whether you're taking a long road trip or need to practice more reverence during church or at home, these interactive books will help you achieve that quiet time for which you are searching.

Coloring Books

There are a ton of excellent coloring books these days. I love buying the biggest ones and cutting out pages for everyone from there. However, there is also something to be said about having your own coloring book too. Here are some of my family's favorites that we know you'll love too:

Secret Garden- Beautifully done pages (and now with thicker paper to prevent bleeding through) that also reveal hidden creatures as you color. You may have to buy 2 of these- one for your children and one for you. The Enchanted Forest is another one done by this illustrator and includes mazes as well.

Big Book of Things to Find and Color- A great one for traveling or when you are out for a while. This one is full of hidden objects, mazes, and other activities in addition to coloring. 

Big Book of Drawing, Doodling and Coloring- This is a great book for children to learn how to draw and enjoy some coloring. It really boosts their confidence in their drawing abilities which allows them to start creating masterpieces.

Sticker Books

I'm a huge fan of sticker books maybe because I still enjoy doing them myself. Keep sticker books for select quiet time and you're kids will be thanking you or dare I say, begging you for Quiet Time. If you have kids under 5, they probably will need help peeling the stickers off but as long as you're willing to help, it can still be a nice quiet activity that you can do together. We really have enjoyed the following sticker books:

Usborne Trucks Sticker Book- 100 stickers of truck fun. It's great for learning all the different names and types of vehicles.

Usborne Heroes & Rescue Missions- This one has firefighters, police officers, and more. It's lots of fun for the adventure loving helpers.

Usborne Sticker Dolly Dressing Around the World- You get a little culture and fun with this sticker book.

Usborne Sticker Dolly Dressing Dream Jobs- This one is fun to explore different occupations as you dress everyone up.

You may notice that I'm a fan of the Usborne ones. There is a difference in quality of stickers when you buy these books. There are other good ones but I know I can always count on the Usborne ones to stick well. Basically you pay for what you get.

Activity Books

These are the books that require extra concentration so they have to be quiet. Your children will have fun, learn something along the way, and be quieter. 

Don't Let the Pigeon Finish This Activity Book- If you're a Mo Willems fan, you'll love this activity book. You'll draw, color, create, and write in this activity packed book.

The Usborne Travel Activity Book- Seriously, I love most Usborne books, the are quality. This includes all sorts of activities. It's like a coloring, sticker, and puzzle book all in one.  This one is obviously great to travel in particular.

The Boy's Activity Book- Similar to the one above but more focused on typical boy items. There is also a girl one. I don't generally like ones that are gender specific but girls and boys are different and these ones really do cater to them nicely.

Keep an eye out for all the fun puzzle books too! 

Practice some quiet time at home before you expect it in other places. Start small then slowly increase the amount of time you expect it. Start by downloading the above free 10 pages of activities (Click the image to print). Keep practicing and using helpful tools like the above books to help you and your whole family enjoy some golden peace and quiet. 

Your Turn- What's your favorite quiet time interactive books? What else helps your family have good quiet time?