How to Make the Most of Your Family Photos

Cameras have come a long way since.  It seems like everyone has one in their pockets now thanks to smart phones. It has made many of us amateur photographers recording history in greater intensity than ever before. Then we transfer the photos to our computer or some mysterious cloud and forget all about them! Don't let all your family photos disappear through the wormhole or sit dusty in an old box. Make the most of your family photos! 


Put Photos Out in the Open

The biggest problem with being able to take so many photos so easily is sorting through them all and putting them to good use. That's why I love apps like Chatbooks that allows you to take the photos you already share online and automatically receive photobooks in the mail. It's one less thing for you to remember to do. Use code cmlgi324 to get your first Chatbook for free! Besides ordering Chatbooks and prints, here are some other great ways to enjoy your family photos.

Photo (Note) books

Making digital scrapbooks is easy thanks to sites like Shutterfly. You can upload your photos and auto populate an entire book or take your time to personalize it. Try it for the major milestones in your and your children's lives then share the finished product with relatives so they can order one too. Or how neat would it be to insert your current family photos with photos of your ancestors? You can digitize your old family photos and make a great family history book. 

Go beyond the typical photobook though and get a personalized photo notebook. For Christmas I gave my family these personalized Sacred Journals. When we get them out each week we all reminisce about our family vacation to New York. It's been a great way to remember our vacation and get into the journal writing habit. If you're a note taker, carry one of these notebooks in your purse and you'll always have your family with you.

Photo Decor

One of our favorite photo decor items has been a photo throw pillow. I picked a family vacation photo and put it on a pillow. We threw it on the couch and love it. The kids keep talking about the memories associated with the pillow and we all love snuggling with it! Put a picture of your grandparents or other ancestors to keep their memories close by. Other favorites are the photo ornaments and wall art options. Wood wall art looks great on a family gallery wall and collage posters makes it easy to display a lot of photos in one space. 

Make Photos Come to Life

After you get your photos off your computer and out in the open, do more than walk by them everyday, make them come to life! 

Story Time

One night a week, have someone pick a photo displayed throughout the house. Then take turns telling stories about that photo. If it's one you all experienced, it's neat to see the different parts each person remembers. If it's an ancestor photo, introduce your family to them! Let your family know that these photos on the wall have meaning and are apart of who they are. Tell your favorite memories or search for stories about them online. 

Life Lessons

Let your family photos teach life lessons. Is there a particular family memory that expresses a trait you want your children to develop? Is your child struggling with something that ancestor faced years ago? Take your children to the photos and connect them together though stories that teach a lesson. When they walk by the photos next time, it won't be a picture of some out of date hairstyle; it'll be photo of courage, triumph, or something more. 

Share the History

Don't become a hoarder! Share your family photos with others especially your older family photos. Add your photos to and let your extended family enjoy getting to know their ancestors too. Then search through your family tree and discover new family photos for you to enjoy too! 

Your Turn- How do you use your photos? What's your favorite way to display them?